From Cow to Cup


Now that you have learned that supply and demand influence the price of products. What else do you think influences how we determine the prices of goods and services?

Write your ideas on your mini whiteboard and share them with a group member.  


There are many people who want to lower the price of milk, but they don´t realize that making milk is a BIG production! There are so many people and companies involved!

Task: Research and create a comic or storyboard to show how milk is producted and all the sectors and professions that are involved.  


Step 1: Fill in the glossary terms using blinklearning

Step 2: Reflection questions - Have you had milk today with yout breakfast? Do you know where milk comes from? Do you have a cow at home? How do we get the milk we drink every day?

Milk (1 gallon) | Breakfast Beverages | Oregon Dairy

Step 3:Watch this video and complete timeline given to you by the teacher.

Step 4: a)Research time! Click this link to follow the story of cow to cup.

             b) Fill in the chart about Primary Sector/Secondary Sectory/Tertiary Sector/Quartenary Sector involved in the production of milk. 

Step 5:

Create a COMIC or STORYBOARD using pictures, labels and sentences to explain the production of milk. From Cow to cup! Do the planning in your SCIENCE notebook. I will check your rough work (copia sucia).

BUT FIRST ! Watch the video below to learn about how to make a storyboard?

Step 6: Reflect and write the answers in your SCIENCE notebook.

1) What are some things that could go wrong in the process of production?

2) Is one sector more important than another? why or why not?

3) What is interdependence?



Evaluation Checklist:

______ Include a minumum of 8 boxes

_____  Production

_____  Distribution

_____ Consumption

_____ Primary sector

_____ Secondary Sector

_____ Tertiary Sector

_____ Quartenary sector

_____ Use key words and grammatically correct sentences. (Capitalization and periods)

_____ Creative pictures and attention to detail.


Your classmates are going to read your work and vote for the most creative, the clearest, the most organized and most detailed.


Good luck!



Don´t forget to talk to Tara. She is from Ireland and has neighbours who are cattle farmers!