Create a Solar Oven


Hello Students! 

Welcome to webquest. Today you will be completing an interactive task! You will be required to complete each step of the process. The end result will have you complete your own science experiment using a tool you created! Good luck and have fun!!!


First, you must learn about the concepts we are exploring in our webquest! Please read the following information:



Now it's time to use the solar energy from the sun and harness the reflection of light! Please watch the following video and create your own solar oven: 

Email your instructor an image of your completed solar oven to earn credit

Once you have your oven completed it is time to conduct an experiment!

You will need two pieces of chocolate (the same size), a stopwatch, and a sunny day!


-Bring your solar oven outside into the sun

-Place 1 piece of chocolate in the solar oven and the 2nd piece on a paper plate just outside the solar oven

-Use your stopwatch to measure the time it takes for each piece of chocolate to completely melt


Which piece of chocolate melted faster?

Why did one piece of chocolate melt faster than the other?

Write your answers on a separate sheet of paper


Complete the following Google Form to assess your understanding of the concepts from this lesson:



Thank you for participating in this Webquest lesson! I hope you learned a lot! 

Please send your teacher an email once you have completed all the tasks to earn credit for the assignment



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