Create your own podcast


Nowadays, podcasts have become more and more popular and you have the opportunity on creating your own podcast from scratch about the topic you're more interested in. This podcast can help you talk about topics you may be worried about. 



You need to create a podcast about the topic of your choice. The length of the recordings has to be of 10 minutes each and at least you must do three recordings on different topics

You'll be working in groups of three or four people sharing all the work that you must complete before handing in your final project, the podcast. 


Task 1: 

Create a list of topics you might be interested in discussing for your podcast. 

Task 2: 

Watch the following video 

This video will give you tips on how to create your podcast. 

You can look for different examples of podcasts on apps like Spotify, Google podcasts, YouTube,.. 

Task 3: 

Develop an outline for your podcast: This should include the topics you plan to cover and any questions you plan to ask your guests, as you can invite other classmates to your podcast. 

Task 4: 

Create your podcast brand and slogan. For this, you can use Canva:

Task 5: 

Record the podcast: Set up your recording equipment and record the podcast. For recording your podcast you can use several tools: with Audacity you can also edit your recording 

- You can even use your phone or laptop's recording app. this web page gives you different options of tools to create your podcast. 

Task 6: 

Edit your podcast 

Task 7: 

Publish your podcast on google podcasts 

Task 8: 

Do a presentation about your podcast and all the steps that you followed to create it. You can use: 

- Prezi:


- PowerPoint Presentations 

- Google Presentations



  Does not meet expectations Meets expectations  Exceeds expectations
EFFORT AND COLLABORATION The students don't do the work properly, they do not work in groups. there is lack of communication in the group. Students work together and collaborate but not all of them. The work is not divided in equal parts. The students make a big effort in doing the task, they collaborate a lot and all of them contribute in the process of doing the task
CREATIVITY The content is not original, it is plagiarized.  In general terms, the content is original and creative The content is original and very creative in all aspects of the task.
GRAMMAR AND VOCABULARY Uses a very basic vocabulary and simple verbal tenses Makes use of different simple verbal tenses and can express their own opinions Makes a good use of simple and complex verbal tenses and the vocabulary used is related to the topic



After carrying out this project you might have enjoyed the creation of the podcast. At the same time, you increased your skills using technology and tools that help you in your daily life. Moreover, I am sure that you have used this podcast to talk about issues that concern you and other people and this podcast can still be used in the future by you, if you really want to. 


Good luck on this adventure!!