Creating a Digital Poster and a Ticket Task - Webquest


Our dear students,

What if you were the creator of a film poster and a ticket to it ?

Now, please think of it because this is your task.

You will see the detailed explanation of the task in the 'task' section. In 'process' section, you will be directed. Then, you will see the scoring criterias in the 'evaluation' section.

Please be sure that you read the instructions carefully. 

We hope you enjoy. Good luck and congrats already. 


For that task, you are supposed to create a film poster (the story will be turned into a film and you are the creator of the poster) and a ticket to the film. 

Details, materials to use, tool introduction and other issues are given on the 'process' page. 

Let's move on !





Creating a Poster :


Let's go step by step to create a poster. 

1- Please make sure that you have read all of the stories given below. 

a)You can access the short stories here (you will be given 4):

► Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin

To Build a Fire by Jack London 

► The Cask of Amontillado by E. Allan Poe 

Amy's Question by T.S. Arthur


2- Then, you should choose one of them and start to plan your design. You should make sure that the poster's design is matching the content of the story. After deciding the plan, you can start creating.


3- You will use Canva app for this task. So, you should know using Canva. Please watch the 'Canva Use' video from the YouTube link below.

b) Here's the link to the Canva use YouTube video prepared by İlayda Üreten. 


4- The poster should include these: the name of the film (in large writing), director's and author's name, a quote from the film, stars/rating of the film. Don't forget that the major focus of the poster should be an illustration or an image related to the film.   


Creating a Ticket :       


1- You should use Canva again. You should design your ticket properly.

2- The ticket should include these: the name of the film, the duration, date and time, seat number. Don't forget that the ticket must be a team with the poster so, you should use an image that goes with the image on the poster. 


Now, our dear students, you are given all of the necessary stuff. Take attention to the steps and complete your task. Good luck.




Your assignment will be evaluated accordingly to the table down.*

The poster looks attention-grabbing.                        1                      2                         3
Grammar and vocabulary usage is proper.                        1                      2                         3
The quotation included in the poster reflects the general idea of the story.                        1                      2                         3
The image/illustration used in the poster is suitable for the content.                        1                      2                         3
The poster doesn't have any unnecessary details or spoiler about the story.                        1                      2                         3
Spaces are used logically in the process of designing the ticket.                        1                      2                         3
The tool suggested (Canva) is used aim-focused.                        1                      2                         3
The design of the poster and the ticket match.                        1                      2                         3
The poster and the ticket include the elements mentioned in the instructions.                        1                      2                         3
Submission is carried out on time.                        1                      2                         3

*(1 as the poorest, 3 as the best)



Now that you have completed the task, you can submit it! Enjoy the joy of creating stuff. You should be proud of yourself! You deserved resting.

Good job! Thanks for your efforts and the importance you gave to your assignment.

Take care!

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by İlayda Üreten and Şayan Uslu from Marmara University ELT.

İstanbul, Turkey

This webquest was designed for a task. It all belongs to us