Crime Lab Field Trip


As a fan of crime shows such as the CSI franchise, Cops, etc., I have been fascinated with the process of how crimes are solved. I know that there are a number of people involved:

  • coroners/medical examiners (determine time and cause of death),
  • detectives (interview witnesses and suspects),

and the list goes on. 

For our field trip, we are going to visit a crime lab. There are six different sections we are going to visit today, although there are far more than six. There will be a task for you at each site.

You will be given a Crime Lab Field Trip Portfolio to record your observations. This will be due upon your return.

Have fun :)


1. Our first stop will be the gel electrophoresis station. This is where DNA is separated into fragments based on size. This technique can be used to capture suspects. Click on the following link:

  • Click virtual labs
  • Click gel electrophoresis

2. Our next stop is a crime scene where bugs play a part on catching criminals. Once you have completed this portion, click the above link again

  • Click virtual labs
  • Click Insects and Crime Scene Analysis

3. Now we are going to visit a ballistics station to learn about bullets

4. Now we are going to learn about a subject that may seem a little odd. We are going to learn about the forensics of fires. This may seem odd because sometimes fires are accidental, but sometimes they are intentional.

5. Sometimes crimes have witnesses. People have been convicted an acquitted based on the reliability and unreliability of eyewitness testimony. We will now visit an expert in witness testimony. You will simulate being an eyewitness.

Once completed, go to the bottom of the page and click next observation activity. You will now simulate being an investigator hearing eyewitness testimony.

6. Now we will put everything we have learned together. We will try to use the skills we have gained together in order to solve a "case" prepared especially for us by our new friends.




Your evaluation from this activity will be based on what you have completed of the the Crime Lab Field Trip Portfolio, as well as how well you have completed them.


I hope that you all enjoyed your field trip and that you learned something. If you have any ideas for field trips that we can do, whether live or virtual, please do not hesitate to contact me.


I would like the following for their assistance in putting this field trip together:

Forensic Science

UL Xplorlabs

McDougal Littell Class Zone

The University of Colorado

The University of Utah