Criteria of Just War Doctrine


Any discussion about peace must also address war. Violence is one response to conflict; and its antidote is PEACE. War is never the preference. However, in some circumstances, it could be the last resort.

What are the criteria of a JUST WAR? 


Your task is to find information on the 6 criteria of a Just War in groups:

1. Just Cause

2. Legitimate Authority

3. Right Intention

4. Probability of Success

5. Proportionality

6. Last Resort

To know deeper about each criteria and further your understanding on the Just War Doctrine.


You will have 6 groups for each of the criteria of the Just War Doctrine.

Each group will have 5 minutes to research about their criteria. 

Each person in a group should present as many facts as they can find about the criteria assigned to them. The more verified and valid information, your group has, the more points you get.


The group that will be able to get the most information within 5 minutes wins.