Cyber bullying


Bullying of any kind can be hurtful and painful, technology now allows bullies to reach certain extends beginning from classroom, school bus etc.

we will be exploring why people cyber bully, ways that can prevent cyber bullying and what you can do if you are a victim of cyber bullying.


Research and collect information on cyber bullying with the information and knowledge you will gain create a poster that will inform the other students of cyber bullying.


Gather information on cyber bullying

within your groups assign yourself different roles

when You are done print copy with your names on it

hand in the assignment.

   Description marks
Poster clear topic layout and designs 10
Ideas main ideas are appropriate 20
Creativity the poster is highly original 10
Purpose the purpose of poster is clearly accomplished 





Congratulations for going through the exercise I bet that you didn’t realize how important and widespread the topic cyber bullying is now that you went through the exercise and completed it it’s your responsibility to take this information and use it to make the world a better place

Teacher Page

Students will research and learn the importance of what they say to others, cyber bullying is becoming a major problem among teens, students will analyze how bullying affects others what tool they can use to prevent themselves from cyber bullying.


Mr Lukas Nangolo

student number: 190016582