Cyber bullying


By Miss. Tulinanye, Dr Ambraham P. S

Leaners will learn what cyber bullying is, why people cyber bully. What to do if they are cyber bullied and how they can protect them selves from cyber bullying. 

What is cyber bullying? 

Is a type of bullying that occurs in social media, emails, games and other online platforms. Example posting lies or embarrassing pictures of a person on social media, sending harmful messages or threats. 

Bullying of any kind can be hurtful and painful. Technology allows bullies ti reach beyond the classroom and homes to victimize other. Cyber bullies misuse the use of emails, textmasseges, WhatsApp and other online platforms to bully others. 

We will be looking at: Why people cyber bully. What you can do iy you are a victim of cyber bullying and ways that you can prevent cyber bullying. 




In groups of five, you are required to research on the following: What to do if you are cyber bullied.

How to prevent your self from cyber bullying.

Who can you talk to if you are being cyber bullied.

Why people cyber bully.

Your work should be done on a poster to inform other leaners about cyber bullying. 


Gather information 

You should have read your task. In your groups you should have researched on the topic assigned to you. Do research on your topic as much as you can for your poster. 


When you are done gathering information on your topic do it on the poster. The poster with your names will be put up around the school to educate other learners on cyber bullying. 

Information to include on your poster:

  • A catchy title that will draw people tobread it
  • Facts on cyber bullying 
  • Information that will discourage cyber bullies 
  • Be creative 
  • Lastly do a short presentation for the class
  • Main idea: Apropriate to the topic and presented correctly. 10 marks 
  • Topic: The topic is very clear even when you look at it. 10 marks. 
  • Design: use of pictures, colours to make the poster interesting. 10 marks. 
  • Creativity: The poster looks creative. 5 marks. 
  • Neatness: The poster is very neat and presentable. 5 marks. 



Congratulations!!!! You no know what cyber bullying is. Now that you know about cyber bullying, it is your responsibility to take the information and use it to make the cyber world a better place. Be safe, and watch what you do and say to others on technology platforms. 


Permission is granted for others to use this Web quest for educational purposes. 

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By Miss. Tulinanye 

Leaners will learn the importance of what they do and say to others online. Cyber bullying is becoming a major problem among teenagers. Leaners will analyse how cyber bullying effects others.