Cyber bullying


Cyber bullying is a form of bullying or harassment using electronic means.Cyber bullying are also known as online bullying


explain what cyberbullying is?

*when does it occur,  causes and effect?

* the safety measures people should use or do to prevent cyberbullying?

*write a short and brief summary on your research 


To Complete the needed tasks: 

1. Explain what Cyberbullying is and explain the different types of Cyberbullying? (15 Marks)

2. Search on the internet for pictures/examples of Cyberbullying (10 Marks)

3. Also using different resources and name a few ways to avoid Cyberbullying (10 Marks)

Due date is 14/10/2021 (During class time)


Though it is difficult to prevent cyber bullying there are various ways to reduce and prevent it as well. Instead of trying to bully someone we can focus on something else. We can also use parental control app to prevent kids to bully others.