Cyber bullying


Cyber bullying is the use of electronic commutation to bully a person typically by sending messages of intimidating or threatening nature


Learners should find go and find out alternative ways to prevent cyber bullying


There are many reasons why cyber bullying occurs. Some of the courses is because one lack empathy, sometimes the victim diserve it. Some do it for self& loathing and lastly is know as it becomes an addiction once you have done it.


Though it is difficult to prevent cyber bullying there are various ways to reduce and prevent it as well. Instead of trying to bully someone we can focus on something else. We can also use parental control app to prevent kids to bully others.


Cyber bullying has destroyed many people strong self-esteem there for I am emphasizing and encouraging every one to take part in the prevention of cyber bullying.


I would like to thank mark for dropping an article for cyber bullying at google. I would also like to the Mr donald for giving a speech about cyber bullying

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This topic is very important for learner to know the effects of cyber bullying. Some the leaner were aware some did not know what cyber bullying is.