A student in your class  is very depressed as someone is bullying him/her online. The person sends vulgar messages and threatens to ruin your student's reputation online. The student uses the internet but has no idea of online safety . You discover that most of your students have poor knowledge of online safety. 


You have to orient your students to using the internet cautiously to prevent cyberbullying. You need to orient the parents as well . You realise that some students from your class bully others online. You need to speak to them as well. Your task is to plan a session for the students and the parents on Online safety and prevention of cyberbullying. 


Read the follwoing sites to know more about cyberbullying and need for online safety…

Prepare a presentation for your students on Cyberbullying. Create a brochure for parents on the same topic.



You work will be evaluated in terms of the content and the presentation.

Also attempt this quiz


Reflect on your work and list ways in which you can be a teacher who helps to prevent cyberbullying. 



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