Bullying of any kind can be hurtful and painful.  Technology now allows bullies to reach beyond the classroom, school bus or immediate neighborhood to victimize other people.  The cyber world we now live in allows bullies to reach thier target via the computer in his or her own home or bedroom, giving the impression that there is no escape from the bully's reach. 

Just as young people legitimately use e-mail, IM, websites, blogs and text messaging to communicate with their friends and share information, cyberbullies misuse these technologies in an attempt to victimize others.

We will be exploring : why people cyberbully, ways that you can prevent being cyberbullied and what you can do if you are a victim of cyberbullying.


You and your team are going to become anti-cyber bullying experts!!!!

Your task is to research and collect information on cyber bullying.  You will complete a scavenger hunt that will help you gather the information.  With the knowledge that you have gained, you will create a poster that will inform other students of cyber bullying.

Task #1

Gathering Information

  1. You will be assigned to a group of 3 students

  2. Within your group of three:


  1. (1)member will be writer/editor - Your job is to write down all the information found from the scavenger hunt.  You will need to be a great typer, efficient and focused on details (Spelling etc....)

  2. (2) members will be the researchers - Your job will be to follow the links provided to you in the scavenger hunt and answer the questions.

3.  The Writer/Editor and the Researchers will need to work together effectively, because you will only have one class period to complete the scavenger hunt.



Gather Information

At this point, you should have read "Task #1".  Within your groups you should have broken up into the roles assigned (Writer/Editor and Researchers).  To gather information for your poster, complete the Cyber Bullying Scavenger Hunt.  Find out as much about cyber bullying as you can! 



Before you start!!!!

1.  Everyone should save a copy to Their individual folder before you actually start typing.

2.  Open the copy that you saved into your folder (You may save changes to this one.)


Cyber Bullying Scavenger Hunt     (Word Document)



When you are done!!!!

1.  Print 1 copy with your name(s) on it

2.    Hand in










Initiates identifying group roles.Accepts responsibility forassigned role.Invites contributions from others.Disagrees respectfully.Shares decision-making

Accepts responsibility forassigned role. Invites contributions from others. Disagrees respectfully. Shares decision-making.

Attends to thediscussion but does not participate much. Responds to others questions but does not volunteer opinions.  Does not detract from the functioning of the group.

Is uninvolved unless directly asked for an opinion. Makes irrelevant or distracting statements.

Gathered Information

Read the articles and found fantastic information.

Read the articles.  Found ok information.

Could have read the article, but information is vaque. 

Did not read the article or answer question.








Transformation Stage

Once you have gathered your information, next you will transform it into a creative poster.  the poster will be put up around the school to educate other students at school about cyber bullying.

You will need to layout a rouph draft of your poster and get it checked by the teacher before you begin the final poster. 

The final poster will be created in the "Poster Maker" software.

Information that you may choose to include in your poster.:

  •  A catchy title that will draw people to read it.  Don't just call it cyber bullying!  Be creative and have fun!!!!!
  • Facts and statistics on cyber bullying.
  • Information that will discourage other kids from cyber bullying others.
  • Information about what you can do if cyber bullying occurs.
  • Resources available to people that are being cyber bullied
  • How to take steps to protect yourself from cyber bullying



Poster Elements






The topic is very clear when you look at it.



Main Ideas

The main ideas are appropriate to the topic and are presented correctly.





Appropriate and accurate details support each main idea.




The purpose of the poster is clearly accomplished



Graphic - Relevance

All graphics add to the purpose and interest of the poster





There are no errors in capitalization, usage, punctuation, or spelling




Layout and Design

The overall organization, design, use of color, and use of space help to make the poster interesting and to communicate the message




The poster is highly original and creative



Neat and Presentable

The poster is very neat and presentable in terms of design, layout, and neatness.







Congratulations!!!! you are now anti-cyber bullying experts. 

I bet that you didn't realize how important and widespread to topic of cyber bullying is.  Now that you are experts, it is your responsibility to take this information and use it to make the cyber world a better place for all.  Be safe, be courteous and watch what you say to other people.



We all benefit by being generous with our work. Permission is granted for others to use and modify this WebQuest for educational, non-commercial purposes as long as the original authorship is credited. The modified WebQuest may be shared only under the same conditions

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By Ms Puleni

Students will research and learn the importance of what they say to others online. Cyberbullying is becoming a major problem among teens. students will analyze how bullying effects others, what to do if they are bullied and How they can protect themselves from cyberbullying