This webquest is designed for middle school students to explore the concepts of cyberbullying.  By the end of this activity, learners should be able to define cyberbullying, identify its effects, causes and prevention. 


Nowadays much of the communication takes place over digitally where by most of it is via social media.  This is where most of people get into contact with different people from different places where they get unfriendly messages and threats that make them feel depressed or feel bad and humiliated. 


In this webquest you will be navigating the topic of cyberbullying. 

You will: Define cyberbullying and reflect on the effects, causes and prevention of cyberbullying. 

Use your own words and understanding.  How do you think you will prevent cyberbullying use different ways from the one provided. 

The work done should be sent to my email: 


First read the notes provided and watch the videos below for you to familiarize yourself with the topic. Make sure you understand everything and then after that write everything I wrote in the task using your own understanding and your own words.  In different ways from the one provided how are you going to prevent cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is simply defined as a bullying that takes place over digital devices like cellphones and computers etc.  It typically happen or occur through messages or actions that are threatening or intended to cause offense, anxiety or humiliation. 

The causes of cyberbullying are: 

a) Lack of empathy. 

b) Revenge of other peers. 

c) For entertainment purposes or enjoyment. 

d) To boost their ego. 

e) Because of peer pressure. 

f) When it becomes an addiction. 

The effects of cyberbullying are:

i) Depression and anxiety. 

ii) Decreased academic achievement and loss of self confidence. 

iii) Health complaints and use of drugs and alcohol. 

iv) Fear, sadness and school dropout. 

v) Thoughts of suicide. 

vi) Change in sleeping and eating patterns. 

vii) Loss of interest in activities they used to enjoy. 

viii) Loneliness and loss of interest in friends and family members ( spend most of the time alone)


The preventions of cyberbullying 

1. Report it to website created for the support of those who undergo cyberbullying. 

2. Keep the evidence (screenshot the messages or things you are sent based on cyberbullying. )

3. Don't respond the bully.  Ignore everything they send to you. 

4. Block the bully and keep yourself from contacting them. 

5. Tell a trusted person about what is going on. 

6. Help raise awareness by being supportive and stand against cyberbullying. 

7. Avoid yourself from seeking revenge.  

8. Created strong passwords for your media accounts and avoid sharing private information. 

9. You can deactivate your media accounts just to keep a distance with the bullies and avoid yourself from being targeted. 


# Exceeds  Meets  Approaches  Begins  Score 
Understanding  Showed clear understanding of the task and followed all the instructions and directions. Followed most of the directions as well as showed understanding of the task.  Showed understanding of the task and followed minimal directions.  Did not show understanding of the task.   
Competency  Throughly completed all parts of the task.  Completed most of the task.  Completed some of the task but incomplete overall.  Most of the task incomplete   
        Total Score  15



Cyberbullying is a real predicament many students may have had experienced in the past or may be subject to in the future.  Knowing how to prevent it, get help or report it can bring a difference in one's life. 

Don't keep the information to yourself, tell others and most of all take action.  Always remember that you are never alone.  There is support out there.  What you need to do is just to ask and get assisted. 

Thank you for all your hard work.  I hope your end products will be productive. 


Everyone is allowed to use this information for their own knowledge.

The task will be recorded so take it serious. 

Teacher Page

Cyberbullying is really an emotional topic and it can harm student's feeling by maybe bringing fear that they might get in such a stressful situation.  Please teach with caution and consider student's experience and knowledge in the classroom. They need to know how to cope with cyberbullying and that it can happen anytime anywhere. 



By Justina S Shikemeni 

Student number: 202021041 

Lecturer: Ms Martha Hweka 

Subject: Intergrating in Education II 

Code: ID260US 

Class group: C

Year 2