Define the term Cyberbullying?

  • cyberbullying is when someone repeatedly makes fun of another person online or repeatedly picks on another person through e-mail or text message or when someone posts something online about another person that they don’t like.

Learner's Assessment

  • What responsibilities do social media networks have towards cyberbullying?
  • How do you think cyberbullying affects the life of those being bullied?
  • Which of the following is a sign that a child or adolescent may NOT be the perpetrator of cyberbullying?
      A)   Euphoria when removed from Internet access
      B)   Excitement when receiving e-mail or text messages
      C)   Strict adherence to established rules and expected behaviors
      D)   Sacrificing normally enjoyed offline activities to participate in Internet activities

Types of Cyberbullying

  • Catfishing 

 Is when someone steals your child’s identity and creates an online profile to be deceptive.

  • Fraping

This is impersonating someone online and thinking it’s entertaining or funny.

  • Dissing

This  is when someone posts mean information online to hurt someone’s reputation or relationships. This includes posting photos, videos, etc. and the cyberbully is typically someone who knows the victim

Causes of cyberbullying

  •  Bullying Causes More Bullying

    It doesn’t matter what type of bullying we’re talking about, if a child has been bullied, they are more likely to respond by bullying another person. In these cases, the child feels that their actions are justified because they’ve gone through it themselves. The child may go after their bully or another child who they see 

  • Cyberbullies Are Bored

    Cyberbullies target others to add some entertainment to their lives. They may also be seeking out attention from their parents. Instead of being entertained through a positive outlet (school activities, spending time outside, finding a hobby, etc.), the cyberbully turns to the internet to stir up some drama.

  • Cyberbullies Feel Invincible

Cyberbullies think that since it is over the internet, they are safe from consequences. The cyberbully doesn’t see the child’s reaction to their actions, which makes it easier for the cyberbully to continue this behavior. It is easier for a child to cyberbully than bully face-to-face because of the anonymity.

The consequences of being the victim of cyberbullying

  • Abuse alcohol and drugs
  • Physical and emotional health issues
  • Lower self-esteem
  • Poor school grades and attendance 

How to Prevent cyberbullying 

  • Talk to adolescents and teenagers about cyberbullying. Explain that it is wrong and has consequences that shouldn’t be taken lightly.
  • Have a “household rule” that states no one is allowed to send mean messages through any media platform or they lose their phone, computer, tablet, etc. privileges.
  • Encourage them to tell an adult if cyberbullying is taking place







In conclusion

Cyberbullying takes place online and is a form of violence, often against kids. It can cause lasting damage to victims, and should not be tolerated by anyone. It’s important to speak to children about cyberbullying and provide them a safe space to discuss any concerns openly.

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