What is Cyberbullying:

The uses of the Internet or technology to harass, threaten, embarrass, or target another person, this person is called a Cyberbully. Typically, cyberbullying involves tweens and teens; but it's not uncommon for adults to experience cyberbullying and public shaming as well.

Types of Cyberbullying: 

- Harassment

- Impersonation

- Inappropriate photographs

- Website Creation 

- Video Shaming 



Tasks to Complete:

- Show understanding of what Cyberbullying is and how it happens

- Show understanding of what Cyberbullying is through pictures

- Learn about the various effects of all types of Cyberbullying 




To Complete the needed tasks: 

1. Explain what Cyberbullying is and explain the different types of Cyberbullying? (15 Marks)

2. Search on the internet for pictures/examples of Cyberbullying (10 Marks)

3. Also using different resources and name a few ways to avoid Cyberbullying (10 Marks)

Due date is 14/10/2021 (During class time)


Evaluation Marks: 

Content 10
Explanation 10
Pictures 10
Originality 5




- Learner should be able to state the types of cyberbullying

- State ways to avoid cyberbullying 

- How to help a friend going through cyberbullying 

Please read more from other topic related materials such as books, journals and also see below links for more information




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Teacher Page

Young people have suffered drastically from some type of cyberbullying. Cyberbullying victims are more likely to have low self-esteem, depression, and consider suicide. Many young girls are forced to believe society will not accept them unless their figure is identical to a model, changing their mentality to do unfortunate things toward their natural bodies. 


Done by: Ms Vaenesia K Siririka

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