Cyberbullying or cyberharassment has became one of the most frequent topics going on around the world as too many reports are being recorded about cyberbullying in resent year . That's what we will be looking at


What is cyberbullying 

How does it occur 

The effects of cyberbullying 

How frequent does cyberbullying occur 

What does one do when they are a victim of cyberbullying 

How to protect ourselves from the internet  

Importance of safety on the internet and how it affect our technology 


Cyberbullying or cyberharassment is a form of bullying using electronic means. What this means is that someone can go on the web and spread rumors about you or your character or post offensive pictures or videos just to emotionally hurt you. 

Cyberbullying is caused by the following:

*jealousy - jealousy and envy Will make you do the unimaginable just to hurt others 

*competition for status - we have many different activities or sports that happen and in school let me say Case has been working really hard to get a certain position and then a new student comes we will call him Dave and he's given the position that Case wanted have. Case will be so hurt because after all the hard work he put in the position still went to Dave so he will resolve to cyberbullying just to hurt Dave,weaken him and hope that in the end the position will be given to him like he wanted.

*vengeful exes :a hurt ex partner became of  anger over heartbreaking break up result cyberbullying just to hurt the person they broke up with 

Effects of cyberbullying can be:

Suicidal thoughts 

Self deprecation 

Lower self esteem 

Eating disorder 

Suicide  and bullying 

The person being cyberbullying finds the above ways as a coping mechanism which is not healthy morning safe.

Cyberbullying in Namibia occur quite frequently especially in highschools you will find a lot of scandals on social media  about exposed pictures of learners and other shaming their peers.

What you can do if you're a victim of cyberbullying is follow the following strategies,it will help you greatly in dealing with the situation 

* don't respond- when they bully you on the internet they want a reaction from you so the best way is to not give them what they want 

*follow up when you're calmer- try to understand this situation you'll find yourself in and talk to someone first,voice your thoughts out and when you are calm and collected you can give a befitting reply

*take screenshots- these are for proof so that when you report the cyberbully you have evidence that it's really happening to you

*try to stop frequently checking posts- only how on social media if it's really necessary and when you have time for it because if you're being cyberbullying it will fill like that person is literally next to you telling you to check what offensive things they have posted about you 

*report and block- online managers also want to protect us from cyberbullying that is why there are built in settings to report and block anyone trying to put you down.

How to protect ourselves from the internet? We can do that by adhering to the following:

Use strong password 

Look for encryption 

Install security suites 

Turn web browser blacklisting 

Avoid pushing scams

Get private data protect 

Password protect your wireless router

Hide personal info

Don't trust anyone easily with your sensitive personal information 

The importance of safety on the internet is that cyber security protect devices and networks from harm by third parties. 

Online safety protect the people using them from harm by the devices and networks through awareness,education,information and technology 


So what I've come to realize is that to prevent cyberbullying the following should be done

*empathy- it is the answer to  cyberbullying. 

Encouraging empathy is a strong protective factor. 

If students can understand their behaviour while it may be funny or out of boredom, it has real impacts on the real woodland it affects others negative. Get the learners to understand empathy so that they are able to sympathise with others

*develop coping skills from loss 

Instead of going on social media to call out you exes imperfections get busy with something productive that can take up your time


To conclude I would like to say that cyberbullying is not the answer. If it because of status  work hard to the point that even the blind can recognise your hard work. If it's because of jealousy remember all of us are different and can do so much better if we actually focused on our own talent. 


Credits go to the web and myself 

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