Daily Life in the Roman Empire


Around 100 C.E., the Roman Empire was at the height of its power. "All roads lead to Rome," boasted the Romans. For thousands of miles, road markers showed the distance from a location to Rome. In this web quest, you will be visiting the center of Rome's empire to learn about different areas of daily life. By examining these aspects of ancient Roman culture, you will discover how life drastically differed for the rich and the poor. Daily life in Rome also drastically differed for men and women. 



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You are exploring Rome in the 1st century C.E., and are going to encounter a city of great contrasts. Although Rome was full of beautiful temples, stately palaces, and flowering gardens, most of its people lived in tiny apartments crammed into narrow, dirty streets. The rich made up a small portion of Rome's population since the majority of the city's people lived in filthy neighborhoods filled with crime and disease. 

To keep the poor from turning into an angry, dangerous mob, Roman emperors donated food and provided entertainment, such as gladiator contests and chariot races. 

The empire had many large cities, but most people lived in the countryside where most of the were also poor. Many poor children in Rome learned trades, instead of attending school. Similar to other parts of daily life, housing in Rome different greatly for the rich and for the poor. 

Romans placed an importance on religion and family life. 

Now that you have learned more about the daily life in Ancient Rome, take a quiz to see what type of Roman you are!

If you have turned in your worksheet and have extra time to spare, you can play the following games:

Emperor of Rome

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