The Danger of A Single Story



To dive into this new unit, you will engage in a quest to gather information about this concept of "a single story." You will meet Nigerian novelist and speaker Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie as well as read, listen, and observe messages about one-sided narrative and their implications.

Exposure (stay open-minded) and multiplicity of perspectives is a goal to keep in mind as you explore the resources.  

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Group Investigation

Your objective is to gather information to try and respond to the questions the class posed. Navigate the resources with your teammates, discuss, and record answers.



Visit the sites, study the information, listen to the clips, and engage in discussion with peers.


  • Academic Leader
  • Reporter
  • Data keeper
  • Discussion monitor
  • Questioner                                                                                                                 





4. Focus on the image, not the text:

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The Product

Create a digital product (presentation, collage, mural, other?) to illustrate your findings:

  1. Answer one question posed by the class (about the Do-Now picture)
  2. What did you find interesting? (Here you synthesize information from all resources: a big idea)
  3. How would you define "a single story"?

You will also be assessed on your Academic Participation using Pro-talk:

Here's the rubric:

  • Actively participate in discussion                               5     4      3
  • Elaborate on ideas and use complete sentences      5     4      3
  • Consistently use Pro-Talk                                          5     4      3

Be ready to share and summarize findings as a class.

Thank you for working diligently. 

~Ms. Elian

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