Decimal numbers



Our numbering system is simple and extremely useful. We say of him that he is decimal and positional.There are many civilizations, even very primitive, that had a decimal numbering system.
Why? Undoubtedly by the ten fingers of the hands, which help to designate quantities and to make accounts.


Types of decimal numbers

Exact decimal fraction

Of the 1,800 euros a month that a family enters, 675 are for the payment of the mortgage on the floor. What fraction of the income does the mortgage take? How much does it cost for each euro?

Purely periodic decimal fraction

The analysis of a certain type of feed for cattle indicates that corn is included among its components with a presence of three parts of each eleven. How much corn does each kilo of feed carry?

Mixed periodic decimal fraction

A cyclist has advanced 49 meters in 15 pedals. What fraction of the meter moves with each stroke? How many meters are?



1. Calculate the decimal number equivalent to each fraction:

2. Transforms the following into a decimal number fractions:



1. Read the sources indicated by the teacher.

2. Take relevant notes on the operations.

3. Prepare synthesis and conclusions related to the set of decimal numbers.

4. Develop exercises associated with whole numbers in the resources published by the teacher.

5. Follow the instructions in the creation of the report that should be sent to the teacher's mail within the established deadlines.


The activity will be evaluated through the following scale of appreciation.



3 points

Medically Achieved

2 points


1 point

Create the examples of each operation in decimals numbers      
Solve the exercises proposed in the resources published by the teacher      
Elaborate the synthesis and conclusion related to decimal numbers      
Ask the reflection questions, in the field of whole decimals numbers.      
Send the activity within the established deadlines to the teacher's email.      




Once the activity related to the whole numbers is finished, cooperative work will be applied. Each group will comment on their experience in the individual work carried out.

Finally, the spokesperson of each group comments on the group reflections, conclusions and synthesis of what has been learned in decimal numbers.