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This website is to give assistance and tips to inspiring coaches. The plan is to inspire a new generation of young or soon to be a coach on the college or professional level. It will have different drills, videos, inspirational quotes and more. It is free for anyone to use.

  • Give insight on what its like and what is expected being a coach.
  • Give helpful advice and information on how to be a successful coach.
  • Make an opportunity for anyone to get information needed to learn.
  • explain how to evaluate a player the right way.
  • Being a coach.

- As a college coach, you are expected to lead a group of young adults at a high level.

- You are required to make each player on your team the best version of their self and prepare them for life.

- You must be a professional and at the same time a competitor. 

- You are the face of the team and a representation of the school, so you must act accordingly.


  • Helpful advice

- You have to take time to learn to get to know all of your players and staff. This will help you effectively lead your program.

- The more you show them that you are behind them 100%, the more you will get through to them and will gain their respect.

- Sometimes it is best to let your players be themselves to get the best out of them. Kids preform their best when they are comfortable and able to play loose.


  • Opportunities to learn more 


  • Evaluating a Player

- Evaluating a player is one of the hardest things to do as a coach. You have to look at every player equally but understand what you have in each player. To get  fair evaluation, you need to have a certain standard that you expect for all of your players to preform like. Depending on how they do, it will be easier to determine which players are more skilled than the others. Knowing what you are looking for in a player is the biggest thing when it comes to evaluations. 


In conclusion, being a college coach is truly a blessing. You get to be apart of a sport that you love everyday. It will be a tuff road but it will definitely payoff in the long run. You get to change lives of kids for the better and get to travel to places you've never been before. Through everything you have to go through and all the hardship and sacrifices that you have to make, you will have great experiences that will make it all worth it. 

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