Descriptive text In General


What is descriptive text?

Descriptive text is a text that describes a particular person, animal, place or thing. You write a description when you want your reader to picture what you are describing.

The purpose of descriptive text is to describe person, thing, or place in spesific.

There are 2 generic structure in descriptive text

1. Identification 

This part introduces where or who the subject being described is.

3. Description

this part shows the detail description, it may include the information about the appearance or qualities of.

Descriptive text also have 3 language features

1. Using simple present tense : S + V1

2. Using adjective and adverb

3. Using present passive voice : O + is/am/are + V3 + by + S + Adv. 


Read the following text to answer questions number 1 to 4


Rose is plant with enchanting flowers from genus Rosa which has more than 100 species. This woody perennial plant grows in groups, allowing them to form climbing shrubs with prickles. Rose has various flowers in shape and sizes, making it one among popular flowering plants found in a house.

Most rose species are native to Asia, but some others are native to North America and Europe. It is typically grown for beauty and fragrant. Some species are used for commercial perfumery while some others are cut for ornamental flowers. In addition, rose also has minor medicinal uses.


1. What does the text tell about?

A. Gardening

B. Rose species

C. Flowers

D. How to grow rose plant

E. Where to plant rose


2. This statement is correct, except ….

A. Rose has more than 100 species

B. Rose is native to Asia

C. Rose can be used for ornamental plant

D. Rose only has one variant of shape and size

E. Rose can be used in perfume


3. It is typically grown … (paragraph 2). The word “it” refers to ….

A. Asia

B. Beauty

C. Rose species

D. Medicine

E. Commercial perfumery


4. Based on the text, which statement is true?

A. Rose has minor benefit for medicinal uses

B. People grow rose only for beauty

C. Rose is not a popular flowering plant

D. North America is not a native to rose species

E. Rose has less than 100 species


Read the following text for questions number 5 to 7


Indonesia or commonly known as Republic of Indonesia is one of South East Asia countries. Located between Pacific and Indian Ocean, it makes Indonesia the world’s largest archipelago country. Also called as Nusantara, this country has more than 17,000 islands. Having more than 261 million people,  Indonesia becomes 4th most populous country in the world. Indonesia has more ethnics, languages and culture than other countries. Data showed that Indonesia has several ethnic groups including Javanese, Sundanese, and other with more than 700 recognized regional language.


5. What makes Indonesia one of most populous countries in the world?

A. It is located in South East Asia

B. Indonesia has more than 17,000 islands

C. Indonesia has more than 261 million people

D. Indonesia is rich

E. It has more ethnics and languages


6. What is the main idea of the paragraph?

A. Indonesia is one of South East Asia countries

B. Indonesia is 4th most populous country

C. Ethnics and languages make Indonesia rich

D. Indonesia is an Asian country which has many cultures, ethnics, as well as people

E. Indonesia is located between Pacific and Indian Ocean


7. The world “located” can be best replaced by ….

A. Situated

B. Allocated

C. Happened

D. Borrowed

E. Surrounded


Read the following text to answer questions number 8 to 10.


I have a new cat, its name is Shorty. I call it Shorty because it is short than the other cats. My cat is a Persian cat with flat nose and fluffy hair. It has sharp, yellow eyes that glow in the dark. Shorty likes to run around the house, chasing any moving things. I like to see Shorty sleeping because it looks cute. Shorty does not like to eat canned food, instead it prefers fresh tuna.


8. My cat is ….. (line 1). The word “my” refers to ….

A. Reader

B. Cat

C. Writer

D. Mother

E. Tuna


9. Which breed is Shorty?

A. Persian

B. Angora

C. Half-breed

D. QDomestic cat

E. Egypt


10. What does the writer tell about?

A. New toy

B. New cat named Shorty

C. Writer’s new hobby

D. Family

E. Job



1. Read the descriptive text, so that you can choose the correct answer.

2. Record your voice when you read those descriptive text!

3. Submit your answer sheet and the record in Google Classroom! 

4. Do it by yourself! 


Congratulations! You've done the step by step of your assignment. 

Thanks for your hardwork