Diagramming Sentences


Hello students!

This assignment will introduce you to diagramming sentences. Diagramming sentences is a process that helps people become better writers. This WebQuest will assess your ability to diagram sentences and determine the parts of a sentence. 

Look at this website to get further understanding of diagramming sentences https://grammar.yourdictionary.com/sentences/diagramming-sentences.html

Think about what we learned about verbs, nouns, and prepositional phrases. All of those will come in handy when diagramming sentences. 


Expectations for this course will be to grasp a beginning understanding of diagramming sentences and to demonstrate that knowledge through diagramming sentences. 

Three example sentences will be done; however, once that is over a worksheet will be given so that students can fill out the examples themselves. Each example will get slightly harder with different grammar rules so that students can conduct critical thinking.


Diagramming sentences is not always easy to learn. There are a lot of components that go into it. However, we will go over diagramming simple sentences. Simple sentences are sentences that have a subject and a verb. The first example on the worksheet is "Sam and Dani sing". This is a simple sentence; however, it has two subjects. That requires the diagram to be split into two different lines. 

You will now complete this worksheet and diagram the required sentences. However, please circle the nouns in all of the sentences and underline the verb! By doing this process your brain will begin to form pathways that will make sentence diagramming easier!


Correct Diagram Correct Noun Circled Correct Verb Circled

3-4 points Diagrams were correct

or almost always correct.

3 points Students had all nouns correctly circled 3 points Students had all verbs correctly underlined

1-2 points Diagrams were frequently

incorrect or were not correct.

1-2 points Students frequently circled incorrectly 1-2 points Students frequently underlined incorrectly




Students will have learned how to diagram simple sentences. If the class is in person I recommend having students form groups and talk about what they learned during this exercise and how they can use sentence diagrams in the future when dealing with sentence structure. The next step that should be taken for diagramming sentences should be compound sentences and introducing students to more complex sentences.


Super Teacher Worksheets was the worksheet used in this WebQuest.

Teacher Page

Ms. Kucera

Grade level is 2nd-5th for this content (depending on state laws and requirements). Resources needed for this activity are the worksheet printed out. I recommend printing out the worksheet because drawing on tablets or laptops can be extremely difficult and could result in less focus. Printing out this activity also prevents students from seeing the answer key; however, some teachers may want students to do this activity without grading. The key is available so that teachers can alter the assignment as needed. 

The time needed for this activity is very limited. Students can pick up this material in roughly 20-40 minutes depending on the grade level. Second graders might have a harder time than a fourth or fifth grader. However, this is an activity that can be done within a normal period schedule.

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