Different Types of Nouns


Nouns are words use to name a person, things, place or events.

Types of Nouns:

1. Proper Nouns are nouns refer to a specific name of a person, a place, time and events, etc. The first letter of a proper noun is always capitalized.

Ex. Jose P. Rizal, Tagbilaran City, 

2. Common Nouns are nouns use to classify a person, things, place , etc. These nouns are not always capitalized.

Ex. brother

3. Countable Nouns are nouns that can be counted. Countable nouns can be identified as singular noun or plural noun. Singular refers to only one person, place or thing, while plural nouns refers to two or more.

Ex. Dozen of eggs

4. Uncountable nouns are nouns that cannot be counted. THis include concrete and abstract nouns. 

Examples of abstract: happiness, honesty

5. Collective nouns a noun refers to a group of people, animals, and things.

Example: couple



Get a partner in doing tasks. 


Task 1: 

1.Give atleast 5 common nouns and use it in a sentence.

2. Give atleast 5 proper nouns and use it in a sentence with its correct capitalization.

Task 2: 

Identify whether proper, collective, countable, uncountable or common nouns.

1. bouquet of flower

2. cup of tea

3.Juan Luna

4. mother 

5. March

Task 3: 

Give atleast 2 examples of plural nouns and 2 examples of singular nouns.




Explore these resources (







https://www.grammarly.com/blog/nouns/) and study our topic.

Study the different types of nouns and learn more examples on each. After exploring and studying you will be able to answer the given task above. 


Evaluation rubrics:

Punctuality- 20%

Originality of sentences- 35%

Learnings- 25%

Team collaboration-30%

Total : 100%


In this activity, students have a job well done in their explorations about nouns and its different types. They even constructed their own sentences using the proper use of nouns. May your learnings in this activity from the introduction to your explorations and answering the task given may be utilized to your next activities which is about writing a letter. 

Job well done everyone!