Digital Health and Welfare


Your best-friend in school, Stacy has been comparing herself to the lifestyle of the Kardashian’s and dancehall artiste Shenseea. Stacy is 14 years of age and becomes sad about not being able to visit every restaurant she wants and not being able to wear the latest trends of clothing and shoes. Due to this, Stacy has become depressed, she wakes every until about 3:45am everyday texting you because she is having mental breakdown because Stacy is not rich and she only gets 55 likes on the pictures she posts. 


Create a podcast on YouTube entailing 1. The harm caused physically and mentally by depriving yourself of sleep to be on the internet while you should be sleeping, 2. The negative effects of comparing your lifestyle to what you see online and 3. The do’s and don’t while using the internet so that users would not be victims of negative effects of internet usage.