Digital Security and Privacy


Imagine you are a member of a bank ‘Rich Quick Bank.’ At this bank, you receive your monthly salary and because this bank has online banking, you are able to do you do online transactions such as paying bills or sending money to accounts. One day, you receive an email from the ‘Rich Quick Bank’ stating that you can receive 60 thousand dollars if you click a link and enter some information. Upon clicking the link, you are required to enter your username and password for your online banking information. However, when signing up for your account at ‘Rich Quick Bank’ you remember they said that your bank would never send emails asking you for your personal information. Therefore, you totally disregard filling out the information to earn 60 thousand dollars. A few weeks later, you see a commercial from your bank on television warning people of hackers. 


In this activity, you are required to make a pamphlet entailing:

1. Three different type of hackers.

 2. Two steps that can be taken to protect yourself from these hackers while using a PC and a smart phone (downloading software).


Engage with the following materials and then create your pamphlet. 

Use Microsoft Word to create pamphlet. Be sure to include images and not only text.

After completing your pamphlet, email it to your teacher. 


You have successfully completed this webquest and now you know:

1. How to protect yourself and your family and friends from being a victim of scam.

2. How to practice digital security and privacy online.