DIGITALS TOOLS: Features & Functions


Digital tools are applications, blogs, or online services that can make activities easier to accomplish. A couple of these can be accessed in web browsers without having to be installed, and you can access them both at home and at college. In order to make procedures reliable, stable, productive, and competitive, digital technologies have essential advantages. The argument for digital solutions expands when organizations serve staff and students in a wider variety of areas and a wider range of needs.

Due to individual styles and different skills, nobody learns in the same way. Technology is a wonderful opportunity for everyone with varying needs to learn more effectively. Students should, for example, study at their own pace, revisit complex topics, or slip away if necessary. Moreover, technologies will give fighting or injured students more opportunities. Internet access allows students access to a wide variety of resources, which can improve their involvement in research in various ways.




Different Types of Digital Tools: 

  1. Online Bibliography and Citation Tools

  2. Photo and Image Editing Tools

  3. Survey and Polls Tools

  4. Web Conferencing Tools

  5. Stock Photo Sites

  6. Video Tools

  7. Assessment Tools

  8. PDF Tools





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Online Bibliography and Citation Tools

Zotero (

Zotero : Boost your efficiency with tips and smart features – HEC Learning  Center's blog



  • It is a reference manager who will assist you with your academic studies. Zotero makes it easy to gather facts from primary and secondary sources including journal posts, books, interviews, letters, maps, and movies.
  • It is a free, simple-to-use platform for collecting, organizing, citing, and sharing research.
  • It is a program that will assist you in creating a virtual library of source material, including journals, books, records, web sites, and more. This personal library of sources can work with your word processing tool to format a paper in your choice of style. Citations from libraries, websites, and library catalogs will all be saved.


  • It is a simple to use tool for collecting, organizing, and citing references. Apart from that, it has a collaborate feature that allows you to share and find work from your colleagues. Zotero also has a web browser extension that allows users to connect items to their personal library with a single click.
  • Personalized Resource Libraries
    by embedding this plug-in you are able to store digital sources of virtually any kind in your library by a single click.
  • Support for Many Sites
    From university libraries to news sites, Zotero provides all the research assistance you need.
  • No Subscription Required
    Zotero is a free online bibliography and citation tool. As such it does not require any memberships.


EasyBib (


EasyBib, a Chegg service Logo Vector - (.SVG + .PNG) - Logovtor.Com



  • It is a simple to use tool for collecting, organizing, and citing references. Apart from that, it has a collaborate feature that allows you to share and find work from your colleagues. Zotero also has a web browser extension that allows users to connect items to their personal library with a single click.
  • It includes tools to help you create MLA citations for over 50 different types of sources, as well as a guide to show you how to format an MLA paper. Learn how to format a title page, paragraphs, margins, quotations, abbreviations, numbers, tables, and more in this guide.


  •  Provides citation, note-taking, and analysis methods. EasyBib provides free and premium options for customers and institutions. Citation, note-taking, and analysis resources are all available on Individuals and organizations may use EasyBib for free or for a fee.
  • 59 Content Sources
    Content sources range from traditional types such as books and journal articles all the way to live performances and newsletters.
  • Manual Cite
    Although Easybib provides automatically formatted citations, you also have the option to manually cite your references and even add annotations.
  • No Subscription Required
    EasyBib offers its citation features for free.


Photo and Image Editing Tools


Adobe Photoshop Express


Adobe Photoshop Express on Android and iOS - Pros and Cons - Tech Life

  • Adobe Photoshop Express, a trimmed-down online and mobile version of the industry’s leading software. Unlike its paid counterpart, Adobe Photoshop Express is not aimed at professional photographers and media creators, but to beginners or those looking for high-quality software for quick edits. This can be easily noted on the features offered and their accessibility.
  • With Adobe Photoshop Express you’ll be able to access basic image editing actions, such as contrast, perspective, saturation, exposure, and spot removal, as well as selecting preset dynamic effects. While there are not nearly as many tools as in the professional version, they are polished to perfection and offer a great user experience. The Express version of Adobe’s photo editing software also includes a “decorate” category, which allows users to add text and easily create fully customizable collages.
  • You can edit images that are saved on your device or share them directly from Adobe Creative Cloud, Dropbox, Facebook, or Google Photos. All edits made on Adobe Photoshop Express are non-destructive, meaning you can go back to the original photo at any time.



Fotor Photo Editor Review – Is It Better than Lightroom? | Fotor, Photo  editor, Business headshots

  • Fotor offers a long list of basic tools and features, ranging from simple edits like brightness and saturation to more complex concepts such as wrinkle remover and teeth whitening. Fotor also boasts a large selection of effects, frames, stickers, and text options primarily aimed at social media sharing.
  • In addition to its photo editor, Fotor also includes collage and design sections. In these segments, users can choose from diverse premade templates to build their creations with. These templates are categorized by use, such as general collages, social media posts, marketing resources, documentation, and ads. This enables novice users to easily create high-quality content for all their needs, without having to worry about anything other than the visual appearance. Some of the templates and more high-end tools are only available on the paid version of the software. 
  • Overall, Fotor might be best defined as an image enhancer rather than a photo editing software. Photographers and other media creators will most likely require more sophisticated capabilities than the ones available through Fotor. Yet, the program’s offerings comprise all a small business needs to make the most of their online presence.


Web Conferencing Tools





  • It is free for unlimited number meetings up to 50 participants (duration of 40 minutes per meeting), video conferencing, web conferencing, and group collaboration. The free version also offers security, user management, and online support.



Zoho Meeting Just Might Be The Best Web Conferencing Software Yet

  • 100% free for one host and one participant, Zoho Meeting allows for unlimited meetings and duration, desktop sharing, multi platform support, instant and schedule meetings, and instant messaging. Get started with online meetings, and start sharing your desktop to anyone, anywhere, at any time.


Survey and Polls Tools



Google Forms Logo Transparent

It is a powerful cloud-based free online survey tool for making questionnaires and quizzes. It also acts as an information-gathering tool. Some use it for collecting job applicants’ information, contact information, event participation forms, etc. In other words a Google Form is a great way to gather information related to meetings or conferences.


  • It is a free service by Google, which requires nothing but just a Google account.
  • It offers various templates for free and can integrate the results with other Google products for further analysi
  • Results are automatically collated on Google sheets, and customization is available.
  • It offers multiple themes for a more stylish approach.
  • Google Forms can be shared with multiple people for collaboration.
  • The response information can be viewed in chart format in real-time.
  • Branching and skip logic feature is enabled.



Equalities Partnership seek views on safety, equality and inclusivity in  region


 If an advanced free online survey tool that has features to host a huge amount of data without hiccups is what you are looking for, then your search should end with SurveyMonkey. With over 17 million active users according to the data available on their official website as on June 30, 2019, Survey Monkey offers free sophisticated surveys which can be collected via email, mobile, social sites, chat, etc. It is one of the most trusted and widely used survey platforms.  


  • It offers various inbuilt templates across multiple categories like general business, customer feedback, industry-specific, HR, demographics, etc.·
  • In its free version, it allows three options: Start a survey from scratch, Copy an existing survey, and Build it for me.
  • Multiple user-friendly options are there in its survey builder.    
  • Advanced features than Google forms.
  • It provides 40 different types of short survey templates for free.
  • Its mobile SDK feature integrates surveys directly to our android or IOS application.
  • It sends surveys using third-party integration tools.


Stock Photos Sites



5 Websites for free stock photos - BLike Development


Pexels is a free stock photo and video website and app that helps designers, bloggers, and everyone who is looking for visuals to find great photos and videos that can be downloaded and used for free. If you see a photo or video you like, simply download it for free (no strings attached!).


All photos are nicely tagged, searchable, and also easy to discover through our discover pages. They have hundreds of thousands of free stock photos and every day new high-resolution photos will be added. All photos are hand-picked from photos uploaded by our users or sourced from free image websites. They make sure all published pictures are high-quality and licensed under the Pexels license.

The Pexels License as simple and generous as you will find anywhere.

  • All photos on Pexels are free to use.
  • Attribution is not required. Giving credit to the photographer or Pexels is not necessary but always appreciated.
  • You can modify the photos. Be creative and edit the photos as you like



Kaboompics | Stock images free, Free stock photos, Stock photos

Kaboompics uses its own license, which is similar to Creative Commons Zero except that you cannot redistribute its photos. There are two things that I love about Kaboompics: one, it allows me to search by color, and two, it provides a complementary palette of colors in the photo.


  • Kaboompics is a search function that works tag-based. Another way of finding what you are looking for is directly clicking the tags below each image.
  • Kaboompics is different than other stock photography sites because all the photos are taken by a single photographer, me, assuring 100% certainty as to the legality of the images. If someone needs additional verification that they are not violating copyright, they can always write to me and request confirmation.
  • The second unique feature is that the images are organized by photo sessions.
  • Photographing one topic/prop/model in many different poses and angles in each photo session gives the user many pictures from which to select their perfect image. We also generate color palettes for each photo.
  • This function can be used both to copy the HEX color and download the image and six related colors.


Video Tools



WeVideo Vector Logo | Free Download - (.SVG + .PNG) format -  SeekVectorLogo.Com

The popularity of WeVideo has exploded in the edtech world recently. Whenever a question is asked on Twitter or in an education Facebook group about video creation, WeVideo is sure to rank highly in the recommendations.I’ve spent many hours working on projects on WeVideo lately and I love it! It basically feels like the video creation tool I always wanted for my Windows computer: easy enough to use but not so easy that it’s lacking in features.

WeVideo Summary:

  • Can be used on a computer or via the app. Personally, I find it much easier to make a video on a computer unless it’s a really short and simple project.
  • You can record screen and webcam together (screencasting). Note: This isn’t available on the most basic plan.
  • There are advanced features like greenscreen, slow motion, and picture in picture.
  • You can download your finished video to your computer, embed it, share a link, or share to social media or other account


Adobe Premiere Pro

How To Get Adobe Premiere Pro For Free Legally


The Adobe reference video editing solution is popular with many professionals in a range of industries. It’s really one of the best in its class and is a must-have for video editing and post-production professionals. It is full of advanced tools and is very powerful to process your video streams. This non-linear editing tool allows direct access via a video acquisition source, which is why it’s frequently used by television studios. It’s super responsive, stable, and has all the professional tools you could need.


Assessment Tools



New Look; Same Menti - Mentimeter

Pro reviewers and teachers score Mentimeter sky high among assessment tools used in the classroom. It comes pre-loaded with education templates for the classroom like a listening skills assessment, icebreakers, formative assessments, post-lecture surveys, and polls. Create quizzes and tests, manage student expectations, engage students, and even run a teacher training workshop. Mentimeter gives everyone a voice, but it also has a neat feature to mute extra-loud students. It’s free to use and lets you create and host live quizzes either from its templates or from scratch. Pro versions for schools and universities add unlimited question slides per presentation, exports, unlimited quizzes, and support for a few dollars a month. The interface is 101-level simple, with tech support to smooth the bumps.



VALRC | Socrative

Socrative is one of the top-rated assessment tools for teachers according to hundreds of online reviews by educators and professional reviewers alike. It’s an interactive digital tool that lets you quiz, grade, and assess on-the-fly; “at the speed of learning.” Teachers can choose from quick questions for instant feedback, class counts to see who’s logged in, or full quizzes for deeper understanding. This versatile tool lets you create polls and activities and shuffle questions, with or without student names attached. Quizzes are graded in real time, and you can store them for re-use with other groups. It works on smart phones, tablets, laptops, and other devices on MS Windows, Android, and iOS. It’s 100% free for students, and it’s simple, flexible, and aligns well with Common Core.


PDF  Tools


Adobe Reader XI

Adobe reader 11 OR XI download & install - YouTube

Adobe Reader is a trusted high quality tool that allows you to view and print your PDF files. It also lets you interact with PDF content, including multimedia. Other features covered are adding and verifying digital signature, annotating on PDF pages, creating and filling out PDF forms, and printing out these documents.Adobe Reader XI provides full commenting capabilities, including text, stamps, file attachments and audio recordings, as well as drawing markups, like lines, arrows, shapes and free-form annotations. Do you have a PDF form that needs attention? Well, Reader is now able to fill, sign, save and send your forms without requiring printing and mailing. And, of course, you can do this on the most recent and popular operating systems, OS X Mountain Lion and Windows 8, which includes our new “touch-mode” for an optimal tablet experience.


Doro PDF Writer

Doro PDF Writer 1.90 Free Download Full Version | Pdf, Free download, Writer

Doro PDF Writer is very easy to use and is pretty straightforward. It doesn’t have all the other options that other PDF tools have but it works great in printing PDF files. It is installed as a virtual print driver and converts any printable document or image to PDF format. It can be powerful too as it lets you set the author name and even protect it with a password before conversion. Just select it from the program’s setting menu before printing a PDF document and it will launch and provide you the option to change the document’s metadata. On top of those mentioned is the ability to enable and disable copying, pasting and printing functions of the document. It is compatible with XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8.


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