Read the messages Dilito and his new penpal exchanged


Dilito says:

Hi Sameera!

I’m Dilito. I live in Mallorca, Spain. I’m looking for a penpal because I want to have friends around the world. I think that India is a very interesting country, tell me a little bit about it.


Sameera says:

Hi Dilito! Nice to meet you. I’ve heard Mallorca is a very beautiful place. I live in a very big Indian city. People call it the “City of Joy”. It’s a very old city, and the most famous monuments are the Victoria Memorial, a huge white marble building like a palace, and the Howrah bridge. It is one of the largest bridges in the world.


My city is famous for its tram, the only one in India. It is also famous for its port. It’s very big. My city is the most important city of east India.



Can you guess my city?

Can you tell me things about your city?


Best regards,




Resultado de imagen de victoria memorial


Resultado de imagen de howrah bridge

Resultado de imagen de kolkata tram