Disadvantages of Using Drug


Nowadays, most youth are addicted to drug especially alcohol and opium. They did not notice that it spoils their meaningful life and times in a while. Have you ever seem a person who is using drug or alcohol in your community or society? Do you want them to help escaping from that danger?

You can help them by making this educational video clip and also you can give some advices or suggestions to them by linking the website or leaving open questions below. Here in this web quest, there are some guidelines or instructions how to make the video clip below.


Developed by: Htoi Pan, Rita, Ja Seng Nang, Nant Jacquline and Zung Nei thiang


You have to do a project about disadvantages of using drug by group. Before you start your video clip, you have to read articles which are related with the topic or given below and find places which might be suitable for your scenario or video clip. To making video clip, you need the following tasks…..  

  1. Creative Task
  2. Compilation Task
  3. Consensus Task
  4. Analytical Task
  5. Script Writer


1) Creative Task

The person who takes this task, you have to create your scenario by yourself. You have to choose places where to take the video clip and manage the time and the person who involve in video clip.


2) Complication Task

            The person who takes this task, you have to compile all the formations, facts and materials for the video clip and give them to your group members.


3) Consensus Task

The people who takes care consensus task have to collaborate group members and decide their each of responsibilities by voting system.


4) Analytical Task

            The person who takes this task, you have to analyze or criticize their workshop after their video clip’s done and also give them comments about this video.


5) Script Writer

            You have to finish your writing, before we have the second meeting so that we can take our own responsibility for our video clip.



You have two weeks to make a video clip. During two weeks, you have to meet four times.

 In first meeting, you have to discuss about your scenario and how to make it after that you have to choose what scenario will be for your video clip and also choose main actor and actress among your group members and you have to divide your each group members’ duties or responsibilities. Then you have to read articles which have to be related with the topic that you need for your video clip before second meeting

In second meeting, you have to share with your group members what you have read and have to make to be perfect script then give the script to the members who need to practice for the video clip. Also you have to choose places which are suitable with your scenario and also you have to gather materials, information and facts that you need to make a video clip you have to be ready to shoot or make your video clip. The compiler has to collect all data.

            In third meeting, you must start making or shooting your video clip.  Also trying to finish your video clip and editing your video clip before your fourth meeting

            In fourth meeting, you have to criticize or analyze your video clip with among your group and if necessary you have to complete it to be perfect. Then you have to submit by posting your video clip on You-Tube.


The judge will give score by using rubrics



3- good





- Creative is quite clear,

- Appropriate in  use of languages and words choices

- Clear creative

- Appropriate in use of languages


- Show some awareness of appropriate language and words choice

-not really creative


Speaking skills

- Excellent in speaking skills

- should have strong voice and clear

-  good in speaking skills

- should be clear voice

- not so good in speaking skills

- not clear voice

- not very clear voice

- bad in speaking


Performance skills

-Should be excellent in performance

- should be entirely attractive

- good in performance

- can be attractive

-not so bad in performance

- less in attractive


-bad in performance

- lack of attractive



-All members should be participation actively

- Most members should be participation

-Some members are participation

-Only one or two are participation



-Can really touch the audience

-should include firmly messages

- must give messages to the audience

-Just touch to the audience

-Just related with topic

-include messages


-Not really touch the audience

- Little related to the audience

-Not really include message

-Lack of message

-Not really related with the topic



At the end of the video clip, you have to make open-ended questions for your audience.

1) What did you get any messages from this video clip?

2) How do you feel after watching it?