Disadvantages of Using Smartphones


Nowadays, mobile phones take a part as an essential thing in our daily life because there are many functions that we want to know or do including in this phone. Most of the people read news on Facebook instead of reading in newspapers because it is more attractive to read and save money than the cost of newspapers. Then playing games and taking selfie are becoming popular especially among the youths. So those are one of the main reasons why people are using phones. It is right, there are many advantages of using phone if you use it systematically but must of the people do not aware the disadvantages of using phone and how it can effect on their body and health.

Have you also ever thought about disadvantages of using phone yourself throughout your life? You might have been thought those things. So in this web quest you have to create a fifteen minutes video about disadvantages of using phone too much especially using internet, playing games, and taking selfie.


Developed by

Myo Latt Shaung, Lu Ra, Roi San, Nang Yee Nyunt, Nang Aye Khan Moung


You have to make a video clip about disadvantages of using smartphones that will acknowledge to the people. There should be ten members in a group to accomplish this task. To make up this video clip all of tasks are given in the resources. You just need to learn the resources that concerning with your task.


Retelling Task

-have an ability to narrate the plot.

-The voices have to be clear and attractive the audiences.

Design Task

- have to edit the video and insert the music background.

-Also have to choose suitable views for the video.

Creative Task

-firstly the writer has to put how many character should be that video.

-have to write the story and create conversations for all characters.

-read under the resources.

Compilation Task

-read all the process, check process and arrange all the steps.

Consensus Building Task

-make meeting and choose the characters

-discuss with the group and choose the best thing that all members agree with.

Persuasion Task

-have to create a video to get the interest of the audiences and have to search which kind of method you will use to attract the audiences.

-persuade to the public with action, background, music, and views.

Scientific Task

-the short video has to relate with plot, action, and real life.

Self –Knowledge Task

- have to do research in the society about some disadvantage of using cell phone.



Step (1)

  • All members come doing group about the tasks. After that, all members have to choose each of the task but some tasks need to include two members.
  • For retelling task (one member)
  • For design task ( two members)
  • For creative task (one member)
  • For compilation task (two members)
  • For choosing view (two members)
  • For director (one member)
  • For group leader (one member)


Step (2) 

  • They have to do meeting and then every member has to choose the task that they have to do.
  • The people who are taking in design, retelling, and compilation task have to read the link from the resources.
  • The people who are taking in creative task and director have to read and discuss together about plot and using phone.
  • For choosing view, the people who are taking that place they have to find suitable location and doing mark and taking photos as they like the place.
  • The group leader have to control and check each of his members what are they doing or are they doing it seriously and he have to give the points for them.

Step (3) - Group Discussion

  • Everyone have to share their situations
  • The leader has to draw planning for taking video.
  • You have to show about what you plan to your members
  • After the leader take agreement from all members and then start doing the video.


Step (4)

  • Taking video for (2weeks)


Step (5)

  • Making edit for (1week)
  • Send video to the members
  • Make discussion about video
  • Confirm the video
  • Post on Facebook or You-tube.
  • Send the link to the class teacher.

Your video will be judged according to this rubric.
















Student’s creativity is extremely good and use new creative idea on multiple intelligence.  And then their new skill knowledge.

Students creative idea is good and can describe   real situation effectively but not really creative, mostly based on normal

Most of the ideas are based on online by copying the same idea but involve a little bit creativity.

The students use that the ideas are very normal. And there is no creativity in the real situation.




The students can give distinctive message to the audience directly engaging with the plot topic by watching the video without any exception.

The use of their knowledge and all skill should be related with the topic and the use of conservation and places are relevant with each other.

The messages of this video are not too related with the video topic. And the messages are not clear to the audience and less message.

Without engagement related with any details of the video and there is no attracting to the audience



Well in acting

All of the character can play excellently in there, respective places. The feature of the character need to suit with the place that they need to play.

Not really relevant with the character feature and their playing parts. Can’t get the mind of the author sole. But some parts are really motivated and animated.

  Some parts of playing are not really good and but can attract to the audience to a little bit. And the characters are unit in one group.

All of the character can’t perform well. And in some parts of the actor not really good at in playing and not unit.


Editing skill

 The video is unique good because the uses of camera, the prop, the place, background song are really relevance with each other. It complete with the feature of video editing skill.

Camera, prop, action of the character, places, background song are systematic but the feature of the video editing skill is not really good. But it is good to watch.



The video is not really good. And the use of prop, background, and audio are not really animated. But it has a little creativity concern with the editing skill.

The use of camera is not really clear. And some of the props are nor really suitable. And then some of the editing skills are not good and there have no animation


As a summary, you have to read and watch all the resources that we have already gave. Then discuss together how to create a video and after that each of you take your task respectively. Then share each other what you have done in your group. After finish making video, you have to answer the following questions.

  1. How do you apply mobile phone in your life effectively?
  2. What is smartphone for you? Can you explain advantages and disadvantages according to your experiences?