Discovering Birthstones



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Looking for an exciting journey? Well It's time to travel the world and be a part of this expedition in search of the magical gems that we have as our birthstones. On your mission, you will come across many different stones with different shapes and sizes that have glorious mystical colors.

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Once you come across these stones, you will learn about the history of each birthstone and be amazed with the facts that come along with the stones. This won't be an easy voyage so be prepare to travel long and far to discover these magnificent gems.

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So pack your bags and explore the world. Enjoy the journey and love the discovery. This is one expedition you won't want to miss! Are you ready for the challenge?

Let the birthstone adventure begin!




                                  Interested in learning and finding your birthstone?

                                                  Well you are in the right place!

Grab your mining gear, because you and your classmates are going around the world to find your birth stone. 

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*Firstly, your classmates will look at a birthstone chart and see which birthstone their month corresponds to. Everyone will be put in groups according to birth months.

*Secondly, groups will separate to discover their birth stone by visiting mined caves.

*Thirdly, after they are found describe the description of the birthstone, its physical location on the map and within the Earth, and think: 

"Are they minerals, if so, how?"
 "Which rock does your birthstone associate with?" 

*Finally, every student will return to the classroom, compare their findings, analysis which stone is the rarest, and share the meaning behind their birth stone.


Goals for the Web Quest are:

- Understand locations and definition of minerals

- Seeing different types first hand

- Learning facts about birthstones

- Understanding how some rocks are Sedimentary, Metamorphic or Igneous.




You must now gather your birthstone information.

Step 1. find your birth stone according to the chart.

Birthstone chart

Step 2. When you visit the mine caves gather information for the following questions.

1. What's the name of your stone?

2. Where is this certain stone located in the world?

3. Which rock do these stones associate with?(igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic)

4. Which earth layers are these gems associated with?

5. What color does the gemstone look like? shape? color?

6. when you find that stone what month is that stone for?

7. which stones are the rarest?

8. what does each stone represent and symbolize?

Its your job now to figure the answers with your team.

If your birthday is on the month of April then that means your birthstone is a diamond; here's some information you might want to know about diamonds. A diamond is considered a mineral because its naturally occuring, inorganic, its solid at standard temperature and pressure, it has a definite composition, and has an ordered internal structure. Diamonds can be found in environments of high temperature, high pressure, and that has a source of carbon. Most diamonds can be brown or yellow, their streak is from none to colorless, and it has luster. 

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Step 3. Go share your exciting information with different birthstone groups.


Birthstone chart:

Diamond image:

Facts about diamonds:

if you want information on your birthstone:




  Excellent = 100 (A) Good = 80 (B)  Fair = 70 (C) Poor= 50 or below (F)

Communication Skills

(25 points)

Team members communicated throughout the project. They helped each other if they needed help in a section. Communicating skills was effected from the beginning to the end of the project. 

Team members communicated with each other to complete their assignments. It could've been better if they communicated with each other more. 

Team members hardly communicated with each other. Communication hurt their WebQuest assignments. 

Team members didn't communicate with each other. Lack of communication will be shown on their Webquest.  

Answers to Group Questions

(25 points) 

All questions were completed with full sentences.

All questions were completed and only 1-2 answers were wrong.  All questions were completed, yet they were all uncompleted sentences.  Only answered 3 questions with incomplete sentences. While the other questions were left uncompleted. 


(25 points)

There were no spelling errors or punctuation errors and answered all the questions with complete sentences.

There was 1-2 spelling errors or punctuation errors and answered all the questions with complete sentences. There was 3-4 spelling errors or punctuation errors and didn't answer all the questions with complete sentences. There was more than 4 spelling errors or punctuation errors and didn't answer all the questions with complete sentences.

Team Work Skills

(25 points)

All members worked together as a team. They all communicated with each other and strive to finish the work of WebQuest. 

All members worked together except one that decided to work on their own. Webquest could have been better if all members worked on it together. 

Only a few members on the team worked together. The rest of the members did their work individually or didn't do it at all. 

All members decided to work individually and did their own work separately. There was no communication while doing the project.





Well, you've arrived to the end of exhilarating adventure!

 As you took the adventure through exploring a variety of precious birthstones, it makes you think more in depth about all the characteristics of these stones from their location, rock properties, shape, and color.

Such as the one down below

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1. Name: Ruby

2. Location: Central Myanmur (Mong Hsu)

3. Rock Association: Metamorphic rock

4. Earth layer location: Crust

5. Physical features: remarkable deep bright red, durable hardness,  

6. Month association: July

7. Symbol/meaning: stone of love, energy, passion, power, and life

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Like many other birthstones, these gems each have their own individual unique property that provides a peace of mind, mood, and personality. Although trying to find your true birthstone may come with some difficulty due to multiple colors, shapes, and sizes; an adventure always awaits to take a journey across the world in the search of precious gems!





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