Discovering Cuetzalan "the place of the quetzals"


In Mexico there are many paradisiacal places, full of tradition, culture, nature and architecture, these are known as “Magical Towns”.
Through this WebQuest, I invite you to embark on a journey of discovery and adventure as we explore the charming corner of Mexico called Cuetzalan “place of the quetzals”. Get ready for a tour that will take you through the history, culture, natural beauty and unique traditions of Cuetzalan.



Imagine that you and your family are planning a vacation, and your teacher recommended you go to Cuetzalan but before you go you want to know a little more about this place. Your task is to research Cuetzalan, Puebla and create a poster in which you present what you have discovered about this paradisiacal place. The presentation of your poster will take place in the classroom.
The poster must include at least the following aspects:
History of Cuetzalan: Investigate the history of the town, its founding, important events and its evolution over the years.
Culture and Traditions: Explore the cultural traditions of Cuetzalan, such as music, dance, food and local festivities.
Attractions and Places of Interest: Investigate the most emblematic places in Cuetzalan, such as waterfalls, churches, markets and other places of interest.


To carry out your work you must:
Research online: Use the resources provided in this WebQuest.
Organize information: Take notes and organize the information you find in the different topic areas.
Create your poster: This poster should include little text, images, and any other resources that you consider relevant.
Below are some online resources to help you in your research.


Your work will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
Task done on time
Use of the resources provided
Originality and creativity of the poster

Oral presentation



You will have to present your poster in class.

Once all the work has been presented, there will be a group discussion if they consider Cuetzalan a good place to vacation.