"Discovering the most interesting zoos."


Imagine that you have to prepare a trip to the London\Moscow\Novosibirsk Zoo.  Choose the zoo you like most of all. You must find basic information about the zoo and its main attractions in order to convince the rest of the class that this zoo is the most interesting and unique to visit!

By means of this web-quest you are going to learn more about the London\Moscow\Novosibirsk zoos and you are going to organize a trip using all the resources provided on the net.



It is your job to convince your classmates that the London\Moscow\Novosibirsk Zoo would be the best place to visit. 

Choose the zoo and find basic information about it.

You will surf on web pages to find information about your zoo.

Make the presentation and present it in front of the class.


 Read the following instructions to fulfil the mentioned tasks.

1- You will find information of one of these zoos according to these questions:

  • When was the zoo opened?

  • Where is the zoo situated?

  • How many animals live there?

  • What else can people do in the zoo besides watching animals?

  • When can people visit the zoo?


2- Collect some images, videos. Decide how you are going to design your presentation and create it.

Лондонский зоопарк, Лондон.

Лондонский зоопарк.

Московский зоопарк в Москве - фото, адрес и режим работы, афиша и события, ...


Московский Зоопарк Фото Зимой - Telegraph.

Новосибирский зоопарк.

Фото из фотогалереи «Зоопарк Новосибирска» Россия , Нов...

Новосибирский зоопарк им. Шило.

  • For your mark, your teacher will assess:


  • The quality of the information in the presentation.

  • The correct use of English (vocabulary, grammar, spelling)

  • The appearance of the presentation (images, videos)

  • Your speaking performance during your presentation: preparation, fluency, pronunciation.


- At the end of this activity, the class will vote for the best presentation and will choose the zoo where they would go.


 After doing this web-quest, you will have learnt a lot about the most interesting zoos.

You will also have learnt how to find information on the Internet and put it into a presentation, so you will have improved your digital and writing skills. Finally, you will have prepared an oral presentation, so you will have improved your speaking competence!