Nowadays documentaries on different topics can be seen, in today's work we will see their uses and applications 


The purpose of documentaries is to share reliable, data-based information about a given subject to provide truthful information to the viewer. 


There are several steps in creating a documentary, from the draft to the computer screen.

Draft: write in detail each step to be done in the draft, such as what will be used in the opening, the songs used, who will be interviewed, in which location it will be done, and of course, the theme 

Research: researching reliable data and conducting interviews to gather information about your chosen topic 

Recording: carry out all the interviews in their specific scenes, as well as recording the place where it takes place to give a comforting feeling to the viewer 

Editing: perform editing in a video editing application, as well as superimposing the narrator's voice over certain images and adding sound effects and some additional objects, text can also be added to make it easier for the viewer to understand. 

Rewriting: redoing the draft, but now in a definitive version so that all the information collected can be used, both from research to the final product (basically, putting the final product In the paper)

Posting: posting the final product on a social network or presenting it to the public 


(I didn't understand what the "findings" were, but it seems like no one understood, so I'll put what I understood)


The findings of this work are the documentaries that the class made, using true data to make a documentary about the school 


In this work I talked about the uses of a documentary and its production method, it is not an easy process, as it requires a lot of time and dedication to give the viewer the best information possible. Therefore, this type of material must be preserved and well valued.


Thanks for reading!<3


No external research was used in this work, I did it based on my Portuguese classes where we learned how to make documentaries and present them.<3