Documentário Orgulho no Coluni: Vozes LGBT+ em destaque


There are several issues surrounding the school environment at Coluni-Uff school. Therefore, several themes of these issues were divided among different groups, with the aim of seeding and debating related problems based on a documentary.

There are issues that need to be discussed but they are not because they still have a weight on them, and that is why the documentary was made.

One of these issues is the issue of LGBT students and employees within the school. Removing them from invisibility and giving these people a voice to tell their experiences within the school, so that it increasingly becomes a welcoming place.

A perverse LGBTphobia can be observed within society in general, which is why it is always important to talk about these issues. So that more and more people stop hating each other, and even themselves.

Colorful love is beautiful.



1- separate into groups of 5/6 people and choose a topic based on something related to Coluni-uff school in which it generates some type of debate.

Chosen theme: LGBT people within the school

2- Develop an engaging documentary following the chosen proposal.

3- Follow all the steps suggested by the teacher:

Script, recording, editing and final changes.

4- do everything in a creative and engaging way.


What to do?

1- Itinerary:

Create a script for the documentary that contains:

•What will be talked about/debated (what is the topic?)

•people interviewed

•the songs used

• will have some type of document (photos, graphics, news...)

•the scenes (how will they be recorded? Where? At what angle? Will it have any effect?)

•interview questions

•and all the additional things that will be in the documentary.


Describe exactly what the documentary will be like, from the people to the editing.

Deadline: 2 weeks

2- Recordings:

Make general recordings:

Additional interviews and scenes

Deadline: 1 month

3- Editions:

Make the necessary edits:

Add music, effects, make cuts, improve audio...

Deadline: 1 month

4- Review:

Send the work to the teacher by email to be reviewed before the final presentation.

5- Final change:

Change/edit the points reported by the teacher

How was it done?


1- Itinerary:

The experiences of LGBT people within Coluni-uff school will be discussed.



Luiz Fernando (gay teacher)

Lucy (bisexual secretary)

Lúcio (gay mediator)


Marina (2001- bisexual)

Maria Antonia (2001- not defined)

David (1002- Bisexual)

There were no concrete questions, each person had different questions depending on what was said by each person and what direction the interview was taking.

The songs used were:

This is home - Cavetown

Girls - Girl in red

The scenes were all recorded from the front with strong lighting and a bench with the LGBT flag covering it.

No special effects.


Starting with the recording of the school ramp with pasted posters protesting against homophobia and music playing in the background.


Credits and post-credits scene with recording errors.

2- Recordings:

Ramp recording with posters

Interviews were recorded in the same scenario on consecutive days.

3- Edition:

Added audio recorded in separate microphone.


Cuts made. Questions in the top left corner.

Merging of interviews.

Music at the beginning and end.

Credits and initiation.

5- Final change:

You just needed to change the color of the questions in the corner as they were not very visible.


The assessment would be from a general context.

How was the script?

The organization of the group?

Delivery and meeting deadlines?

Group behavior?

The end result?

The debate?

Fulfillment of the proposal?

All points impacted the final grade.


After the documentary is finished:

What to do?

Final presentation of the documentary in the designated school classes:

The documentary must be presented and then lead a debate with the class on the topic covered.

What was done?

The LGBT documentary was presented in room 3001. Discussion guided by the presenters with the help of the class' Portuguese language teacher.

At the end, 2 bis chocolates were given to each person.


Present the documentary to the class.


Tomás e Kamille.