Drag and Pride


During this Webquest, you will work in groups to learn more about drag and pride.

The topics are:

  • drag and pride today (average)
  • RuPaul himself (easiest)
  • the challenges of LGBTQIA+ (hard)
  • the 1967 Sexual Offences Act. (hardest)



Divide the topics amongst your group of four and be fair. The amount of work will be the same, but the tasks' language will be a bit easier or harder depending on the topic. 

Answer the questions using the sources that are given. Use full sentences while answering. 

Copy the questions and put them with all of your answers in one document.

Mention all of your names on the top of your task and indicate who made which part.



Questions for each topic

Drag and pride today
1: complete the lyrics

It's pride everybody

Every colour on the pride flag is a symbol in the sky. Pride!

And I'm ________________ every time that I see that pride flag waving high!

Red means _______________________________.

Orange means ____________ and we have to persist in working to _______________________________.

Yellow means ____________________ 'cause you've got to shine bright.

Green means ___________and we've got to fight to keep our _______________________________.

Doesn't it just fill you with pride, showing who you are on the inside?

With a pride flag up high, be true to you. Happy pride everyone!

Blue means____________, _______________________________.

Purple means ___________. Believing you have _______________________________ to do whatever you dream.

Baby blue, pink and white represent ________________ because every letter in _______________________.

And black and brown represent t_______________________________. 

Doesn't it just fill you with pride, showing who you are on the inside?

With a pride flag up high, be true to you. Show your pride, wave those flags every body!

Here we go. Red life, orange healing, yellow is sunlight. Green nature, blue harmony, purple is spirit.

Baby blue, pink and white represent transgender people and black and brown represent the queer and trans people of colour.

All in this together.

So wave that pride flag way up high. ________! ________! ________! 

Doesn't it just fill you with pride, showing who you are on the inside?

Never have to ________________. There's a place for you.

Doesn't it just fill you with pride, loving who you are on the inside?

With a pride flag up high, be true to you.

Be true to you.

2: what does pride signify?  
3: what does pride mean according to Bob the Dragqueen?  
4: what is the best advice Bob the Dragqueen gives to people who go to pride for the first time?  
5: how is pride different for straight men and gay men?  
6: how did pride month start?  
7: who can go to pride?  
8: what can you wear at pride?  

acerbic = used to describe something that is spoken or written in a way that is directclever, and cruel

dole out advice = to give advice to several people

come out of the woodwork = to appear after having been hidden or not active for a long time

desensitised = to cause someone to experience something, usually an emotion or pain, less strongly than before:


RuPaul himself
1: Basic information

Date of birth:

Place of birth:





Personal life:

2: when did RuPaul start wearing women's clothes and why?  
3: what did RuPaul do to further his career, besides acting in uncredited roles and Wee Wee Pole?  
4: what is Wigstock?  
5: why was he dubbed The Queen of New York at the end of the 80s?  
6: how did RuPaul make his mark on the cultural landscape?  
7: what do many members of the LGBTQ+ community credit RuPaul with?  
8: what did he do as the first face and spokesperson of M.A.C. Cosmetics?  
9: what has been his mantra for over 35 years?  

statuesque = A statuesque woman is attractively tall and large.

witticism = a remark that is both clever and humorous

flamboyance = the quality of being very noticeable in stylecolour, etc.

make your mark on something = to have an important effect on something

spokesperson = a person who is chosen to speak officially for a group or organization


1: what do UK parents think about teaching children about being gay or trans?  
2: what is the difference in view towards LGBTQIA+ people between younger people and older people?  
3: what is conversion therapy?  
4: how many LGBTQIA+ people have experienced hate crimes in the past year?   
5: what is idahobit?  
6: what did President Andrzej Duda, recently stated LGBTQ+ people are?  
7: what is the 'blood-cleansing operation' in Chechnya?  
8: how are LGBTQIA+ people discriminated against in daily life? Give 5 short examples and explain one.  

transphobia = a fear or dislike of people who feel that they are not the same gender as the one they had or were said to have at birth

rhetoric = speech or writing intended to be effective and influence people

defiant = proudly refusing to obey authority


1967 Sexual Offences Act
1: what did the Act do?  
2: which ideas about homosexuality persisted in the 60s?  
3: which consequences did the decriminalisation have?  
4: what did the Criminal Law Amendment Act of 1885 do?  
5: why were lesbian acts not criminalised?  
6: what is meant by 'family Britain'?  
7: who is Wildeblood and how did he defend gay relationships?  
8: what did the Wolfenden committee recommend and why?  
9: which compromises did Leo Abse make on the bill?  
10: what did the Act inspire?  

Act = a law or formal decision made by a parliament or other group of people who make the laws for their country

permissiveness = a situation in which behaviour that some people might disapprove of is allowed 

mores = the traditional customs and ways of behaving that are typical of a particular (part of) society

sodomy = anal sex between men

denote = to represent something

ardent = showing strong feelings

alienate = to cause someone or a group of people to stop supporting and agreeing with you




Individual production task

Choose one of these four options.

  1. Write an opinion piece on drag and pride (15 sentences)
  2. Write a diary as if you were a person present at the Stonewall Riots (15 sentences)
  3. Write a diary as if you were a person present at today’s pride movements and/or parades (15 sentences)
  4. Make a photocollage with pictures related to drag or pride (at least 3 pictures and 15 sentences

Depending on what you chose, make sure your task has the following things:
Diary (2 and 4)

  • Use a date.
  • Write a beginning, middle and end.
  • Use full sentences: how was your day, what did you do, who were you with?
  • Write at least 15 sentences.


  • Be clear about your point of view.
  • Give arguments to support your opinion (more than because "I (don’t) like it").
  • Write a beginning, middle and end.
  • Write at least 15 sentences.


  • Find at least 3 pictures.
  • Explain why you chose each one.
  • Explain why each one is important or linked to drag or pride (who or what is in the photo, when was it taken..)
  • Give credit to the photographer (use APA sources)
  • Write at least 15 sentences.


The following questions can help you:

  • Who is/was …?
  • Where do/did you …?
  • When do/did you …?
  • Why do/did you / are/were you …?
  • What do/did you / are you / were you …?
  • How do/did you / are/were you…?
  • What do you think of …?
  • What is your opinion on …?
  • Why do you believe … is …?

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