E-creation tools and Self-Made Computer-Based Resources



E-creative tools are adaptable even after they are finished, how to create and use E-creation tools, and how to use E-creation tools in the classroom, and theses tools are : web publishing, presentation software: PowerPoint, interactive presentation: PowerPoint as a jeopardy game


We expect from learners after completing this activity(this webquest on E-creation tools) where they have learned the meaning of E-creation tools, different types of these tools and how they can create these tools to be able to use them. The outcomes of these is to allow them to use them properly in the classroom.


To create and use E-creation tools you need to know the process of the tools, some of the tools and their process :

1- Web Publishing(Geocities and Yahoo groups):
- Begin by logging onto Yahoo! And then search for Geocities. The control panel, below the purple stripe, has tabs to create and manage.
-The create and update page offers options for building the site and adding additional tools such as a blog,guestbook, and maps.
-The first page provides templates for the pages, as well as different options for the type of page.
-The page-builder has blank text-boxes that can be filled in with different text. The icons on the top are user-friendly for the creation of the page.

2- Presentation Software: PowerPoint: 
-As soon as you have an outline for the content you want, open a blank presentation. You need to have an idea of how many slides you will need.
-To insert a title or a subtitle on the slide, click on the text box and write the information.
-Use the Design button on the toolbar to change colors and styles of the slides. Use the color to enhance the ideas you want to present.
-To animate the text or the images, use the animation schemes provided. This will make the text or images appear on a click of the mouse or when the slide is changed.
3- Interactive Presentations: PowerPoint as a Jeopardy Game: 
-Open PowerPoint and choose insert table slide from the toolbar. Allow one more row than column to create a space for the column title.
-Create categories by writing the titles in the first row. Then assign values for each question to the cells.
-For each value, you will need two cells for each question. The first cell has the question.
-The second cell has both the question and the answer.
-While clicking on the text box, choose slide and show and then slide transition to animate the text. Choose the dissolve effect, and set the speed to a slow or medium. Make sure the on mouse click box is checked. This is how you will make the answer appear.
-Insert an action button over the value of the slide. Choose the hyperlink for the next slide to go to the question.
-Click on the no fill button to make the action button invisible. Once you have inserted the invisible button, when you click on the number, it will hyperlink to the next slide. To return to the game board, repeat the process of inserting an action button. This time, hyperlink to the previous slide.


your grade will be based on the following criteria:


1- creating web-publishing groups (25 points).

2- creating Presentation Software: PowerPoint (25 points).

3- creating Interactive Presentations: PowerPoint as a Jeopardy Game (50 points).



After completing the task we can say that, you have learned the definitions of E-creation tools, and how to use them, create them and the benefit of some of them. 


1_ microsoft powerpoint 

2_ yahoo.com