Earth and Space : Motions of the Earth



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Today, you are going to be an explorer. 

Let's find out more about the motions of the Earth by working as a team to find interesting facts about it.

Be ready for the adventure. 

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Jemm, the astronaut, wants to explore the outer space but she needs an assistance coming from you. 

Would you like to help Jemm?

If yes, your mission is to learn everything about the Earth's motions by analyzing all the discoveries you had at the outer space.

With your help, Jemm would be more knowledgeable enough about the facts of outer space.

So make sure to get all you need to know here:

For more information, here's a video showing how Earth rotates and revolves.

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I guess it's time for you to learn how the Earth moves. 

Here is the worksheet that you need to answer:

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