Earth Day Webquest


With Earth Day quickly approaching, the principal of our school has asked all classes to contribute to beautifying the outside of the school. As your teacher, I have volunteered our class to create a flower garden along the front entrance of our school. Before we plant this garden, we need to become master gardeners and learn about the parts and needs of a plant!


1) Go to

            a.  Write the definitions of the words flower, root, stem, and leaves in your own words on separate flashcards, which I will provide for you. Also, draw a picture of the flower part on the flashcard to help you remember. 

2) Now, lets see if you can identify the parts of the flower on your own!

            a. Visit Match the parts of the flower to the picture, and then check your answers. 

            b. Answer the following questions with a partner and record them in your notebook.

            What happens if you forget to water the plant or add too much water?

            How about if the conditions become too hot or too cold?

            What do you need to do in order to keep the flower healthy?

3) Lastly, you will try an experiment to see if you know how to grow a flower to its full height. 

            a. Go to

            b. Play the game in order to see if you know how to grow a flower properly. You have to manage the water and heat the flower needs to grow. We will then grow flowers in our classroom that will be planted outside of the school. 


The following rubric will be used to evaluate all parts of the Webquest.




Gardener's Assistant










The definition was not put in their own words, and there were no pictures.

The definition was vague and a few of the pictures were incorrect.

Very few, if any, errors.

The definitions were appropriate and the pictures successfully matched up with the words.


Flower Identification Activity

The labels did not match to the correct parts of the flower. 

The student struggled with labeling the flower and needed several tries. 

It took two times to label the flower correctly with minimal problems.

The students were successfully able to label the flower parts.


Partner Work

The questions were not completed with their partners.

Minimal questions were answered, and were not understood.

The questions were answered, but could not be explained to the class.

The partners successfully answered the questions and were able to explain their work to the class.



After the questions are answered in your groups, work with another group to share answers. You will then share with the class and explain your answers.

Each student will now be given supplies to plant marigold seeds in an individual planter. Students will be responsible for the caring of their flower until they are ready to be transported outside.