Economics describes and analyzes choices about the way goods and services are produced, distributed, consumed, and assesses the consequences of those choices. Economics is about money, what we do with it, and about what we produce and consume. There are some words that you'll need to know to understand economics that we went over in our first lesson.


Today's activity we will explore different websites about what banks are used for, websites producers sell their products on, and other websites that will help you continue your knowledge on the economic world. You will look through all of the links and find one that you would want to work on. Once you found the one you want get into a group of four and talk and write about the one you chose to each other. You will need to write/talk about the main purpose of the site, what it includes, what it talks about, how it could be useful and why you chose it. 


Some strategies that can be used to complete the task is to thoroughly look through all the links provided. See which one catches your eye and would seem interesting to spend more time on this website. 

Links to use: 


This will be evaluated by the answers they give in their groups. I will walk around and make sure the groups are just talking about their websites. If they are not talking about their websites, take a few points off. While each student is talking about their website, the other students will be taking notes to remember the other websites. 


After each student is done explaining their website the class will gather back into their seats. 4 students will speak aloud about their favorite part about the website to the whole class. This activity was to allow the students to get familiar with using links and websites online that are educational and informational. They are able to explore different sites and find the main purpose of them.