EDU 210


Hello Students! This webquest is about our in class activity with monarch butterflies. We will be observing the multiple stages of their lives right in our very own classroom. This process is not quick, so be prepared to be patient with our new class pets!


At the end of this activity, students should be able to identify two fun facts for each stage of the buttflies life. 


I will give out a worksheet in class that will be collected by me at the end of the day so it is not lost over the long time period of our butterflies lives. As we reach each stage in our butterflies lives, I will hand out the worksheets and we will discuss some FUN facts about the certain stage that we are in. Students will write down whichever two fun facts that they like the best and hand draw a picture of what the stage looks like. At the end of the butterfly activity students should have a completed worksheet with two facts for each stage. If the worksheet is missing a fact here and there, students and guardians can use the websites below to fill in missing spots. 

Evaluion of Butterfly Worksheet
1 2 3                                      2 facts for each Stage
1 2 3                          Hand Drawn Picture for Each Stage
                                                   Total Points



After learning about the different stages of a butterfly, maybe you can spot some in the wild! You will be able to identify each stage and share your FUN facts with friends and family. Once our butterflies are adults, we can set them free to live a long happy life in nature! 

Teacher Page

By: Sydney Budd

This quest was designed to help expand the learning of our in class activity with monarch butterflies. Nature is all around us and watching a butterfly grow up is just the tip of the iceberg. My goal at the end of this project is for students to be encouraged to learn more about the little things around them whether that be in nature or not.