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Hey Students, Welcome to another Integrated Studies lesson! 

This Web Quest will take you on a journey where you will explore: 

  • What a Family is
  •  Types of Families
  • Identify different members in a family
  • Create a family tree worksheet
  • You will complete a test about family in Google Classroom

Vocabulary: Single-Parent family, Nuclear family, Extended family, mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, cousin








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We are about to explore the word Family. As we travel along this journey we will watch videos, view images and write. 

Students will complete the following:

  1. Define the term Family.
  2. Identify at least 3 different types of families.
  3. Copy and Paste a pictures showing the type of family in which they belong.
  4. Complete a family tree worksheet.
  5. Complete a test on Google Classroom about Family.


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1. Watch this video  to come up with a definition of what a Family is

2. Watch this video to help you identify at least 3 different types of family

3. View these pictures and choose the family in which you belong


4.Watch this video then complete the family tree worksheet. 

Family Tree worksheet

5. Complete test in Google Classroom.

Click link below










Definition of the term Family   

Excellent definition of the term family.


A suitable definition of the term family. 

A fair definition of the term family.


Identify at least 3 different types of family.

Identify 3 different types of family. 

Identify 2 different types of family

Identify 1 type of family 




















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YAAAY! You have completed your task!

I hope you enjoyed the journey on The Family. Did you know about the different types of families?

I am sure that you have learn something from this lesson on The Family. I hope you will share this new learnt information with someone else.

Wasn't it fun and excited to complete each step?


Remember we look at What a Family is, Types of Families, Identify different members in a family, completing a family tree and do test in Google Classroom.


Thank you all!









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Firstly, I would like to thank the Almighty God for giving me the knowledge, wisdom and understanding in completing this Web Quest on The Family.

Secondly, My lecturer Mrs. K. Edwards- Hamilton for the continuous guidance and being so patient. This Web Quest has given me new knowledge of a way in which I can engage my students in whenever I go in to the classroom to teach the nation's children.