Eerie Erosion


The weather looks like we might have a chance of severe flooding and high winds in the near future. We need to prepare a plan to help prevent soil erosion! You are going to learn about erosion. Then, you will be developing a plan to help prevent soil erosion due to wind and flooding. Let's find out how we can help save the soil from erosion!


Complete the erosion graphic organizer as you move through the tasks.


With your assigned partner, you are going to explore information about erosion. As you read and listen to the information, you and your partner will complete the graphic organizer. You must pay close attention and learn all you can! When you have went through all the information to complete your graphic organizer, you will have to answer questions about soil erosion!


After learning about erosion and its effect on the soil, you and your partner will design a solution to help prevent soil erosion. You will present your solution to the class with your partner. 


What is Erosion? 

It is the removal of land by wind, water, or ice. It shapes the Earth's surface. 

Before and After Images of Lake Ontario's Damaging Coastal Erosion | The  Weather Channel

In this picture, you can see how over time water washed the land away. 


What is Soil Erosion? 

This is the natural process of removal of the top layer of soil. There are several causes of soil erosion.

Click on this link to learn more about each cause! You will also learn some ways we could help prevent soil erosion.


Soil erosion is a natural process, however, humans contribute to the increase of soil erosion in some instances. 

Construction by humans is a major contributor to soil erosion. See the picture below! 

Erosion Control on Construction Sites - Superior Groundcover

When we use equipment to disturb the soil, we also disturb living things. 

Watch this short video to learn more about the types of soil erosion and what we can do to prevent it!


1. What is erosion? 



2. What is soil erosion? 



3. What is one type of soil erosion called? 

a. wind erosion

b. gully erosion 

c. ice erosion 

d. lava erosion 


4. You can plant ___________ to help prevent soil erosion. 


5. Which one would be a cause of soil erosion? 

a. air pollution 

b. loss of fertile soil 

c. construction 

d. water pollution 


6. Farmers can practice ___________ farming to help prevent soil erosion. 


7. List the three natural forces that cause erosion. 

_______________        _______________         ________________


8. How can humans help prevent soil erosion? 





9. When humans build new _____________ and _____________, it contributes to major soil erosion. 


10. True or False: Soil erosion can be helpful in aiding soil fertility for farming. 



Great job so far! You are working so hard and learning so much! When you have completed your graphic organizer and you have written your answers to the ten questions please bring them both to me! 

Now, I will give you and your partner the materials you need. If you choose to present your ideas with a poster I will have poster board. You can also choose to create a PowerPoint or a real-life model of your solution. You and your partner will work together to create a solution to help prevent one type of soil erosion. 

You will have the rest of today's class and all of tomorrow to design your prevention solution! 


Congratulations! Look how much you have learned! I cannot wait to see the solutions to help prevent soil erosion that you have designed. You all are so creative! 


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Teacher Page



Performance Expectation: 

Generate and compare multiple solutions to reduce the impacts of natural Earth processes on humans. 


Clarification Statement: 

Examples of solutions could include designing flood, wind, or earthquake resistant structures and models to prevent soil erosion. 


Disciplinary Core Ideas: 

NATURAL HAZARDS: A variety of natural hazards result from natural processes. Humans cannot eliminate natural hazards but can take steps to reduce their impacts. (UE.ESS3B.a)