Effective Paragraph Writing: The P.E.E.L. Paragraph



Welcome, students!

Our lesson today will take you on a journey to master the art of constructing well-organised paragraphs using the P.E.E.L. method. P.E.E.L. stands for Point, Evidence, Explanation, and Link, and it is a structure that helps you create clear and concise paragraphs to convey your thoughts and arguments. This lesson is interactive. Click on the links provided to assist you with navigating the lesson and completing all activities to successfully accomplish the overall task.

Subject: English Language

Grade: Eight (8) 

Learning Goal(s): 

  • Students will understand the structure and purpose of a P.E.E.L. paragraph.
  • Students will be able to create a well-organized P.E.E.L. paragraph to express their ideas effectively.



Create a P.E.E.L. Paragraph


Task 1: Let’s take a look at P.E.E.L.

  • Start by exploring what each element of P.E.E.L. represents:

  • Click the following link and read about each element of the P.E.E.L. structure.

          PEEL Paragraph Structure | Improving Your Essay Paragraphs (artofsmart.com.au)


  • The following short video also provides an overview of the P.E.E.L. method in action.

  • Here are some tips for crafting each element of the P.E.E.L. paragraph.

          Click on the link below and identify some advantages of the PEEL paragraph.



Task 2: Analysing Examples

  • Now that you understand the components of a P.E.E.L. paragraph, it is time to analyse some examples. Take a look at the example provided in the following link:




Task 3: Application - Creating Your P.E.E.L. Paragraph

  1. Choose a topic from the list provided below, or come up with your own. 


  • Artificial intelligence will replace the need for workers.

  • Schools should have a four-day week

  • Modern day fruits and vegetables are not healthy to eat


Click on the link below for guidelines for choosing a topic.

Guidelines for Choosing a Topic 

     2. Craft a PEEL paragraph following these steps:

  • Choose a clear and concise Point for your paragraph.

  • Provide relevant Evidence to support your point.

  • Explain how the evidence supports your point.

  • Create a Link that connects your paragraph to the broader context or the next point.


* Use the table found in the link below to complete your PEEL paragraphs.



Task 4: Paragraph Review

  • Use the following rubric to review your PEEL paragraph:


Task: 5 Share your thoughts on your experience. Use the following questions to guide your reflection.

  • What was the highlight of this lesson?

  • Were there any challenges in completing the task? If so, explain.

  • Share two ways in which you can use PEEL paragraphs.

  • What have you learnt overall?



You have successfully completed the Effective Paragraph Writing: The P.E.E.L. Paragraph activity. By mastering the P.E.E.L. structure, you have acquired a valuable skill for expressing your ideas coherently and persuasively. Keep practicing and refining your paragraph-writing skills to become a master of clear and effective communication.




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