Effective pedagogies embed assessment for learning


Hello guys!
    We offer you a new Internet project - a web quest in English.
    A web quest in translation from English is a problematic task with elements of a role-playing game, for the implementation of which information resources of the Internet are used. You will need to choose a role for yourself: journalist, teacher or scientist. And with the help of sites that you will be offered to select the necessary information that you find useful and prepare a report on this topic. You will also be asked questions that need to be answered.
The theme of our web quest is "Effective pedagogies embed assessment for learning."
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The web quest involves the work of a group of 8th grade students, where several members of the group perform one of the proposed roles. Each team member is responsible not only for their role, but also must coordinate their actions with other team members.
Action plan.
1. You need to split into groups of 3-4 people each.
2. All group members should choose one of the roles: journalist, historian, teacher.
3. Once you have chosen your role, study the questions you will have to answer and the tasks you will need to complete.
4. Explore the list of useful links on the Internet (Links tab) that will help you cope with the assignments.
5. Explore information links for their role.
6. After all team members complete the work, you should get together, discuss the results of the work and draw up a final report, which will be formed from the reports of each member of the group. The report should be presented in the form of a report.


Choose one of the suggested roles:
You are a journalist - collect all the information received and edit it.
You are a scientist - you analyze the data obtained and prepare a report on the work done, study the issues of pedagogy.
You are a teacher - consider this problem if you were in the teacher's place.


Effectiveness in pedagogy? What does it mean?

Studying Effective Primary Pedagogy



What makes great pedagogy and great professional development


Effective Pedagogical Approaches



What is pedagogy as a science?




In your opinion, is it important to put grades in training?
Is it effective in modern pedagogy to assess learning?






The assessment will take into account:
1. Scientific nature of information (10 points)
2. Completeness of the information provided. (10 points)
3. literacy, absence of errors, novelty and relevance, use of necessary sources, lack of redundancy. (20 points)
4. Working in a group. Evaluated: even distribution of tasks, organization. (10 points)

Maximum points: 50
50 points- score 5
40 points- score 4
30 points-score 3
20 or10 points-score 2


Dear participants of the web quest! Today we have met in detail with the topic of our web quest. We studied it from all sides. Answered problematic questions. We also did our research on this issue and learned how to use Internet resources.

Teacher Page

The goal of the web quest "Effective pedagogies embed assessment for learning" is aimed at active independent or group search activities of students. It also contributes to the development of creative thinking and problem solving skills, makes it possible to implement an individual approach.Students also had to learn how to use the proposed Internet resources.
The age category of students in grades 8-11.