EFFECTIVITY OF TQM: Marriott International


About Marriott International

Marriott International is one of the prime hoteliers in the world. The company operates or franchises some 7,300 hotel, residential, and timeshare properties worldwide. Its hotel portfolio, 1.4 million guest rooms, include the premium Delta Hotels and Renaissance Hotels brands and its flagship Marriott Hotels & Resorts as well as the Ritz-Carlton, W Hotels, The Luxury Collection, and JW Marriott luxury brands.

Total Quality Management has played a vast and vital role in the success of Marriott International.  In fact, the company's vision and core values are grounded on efforts focused on improving quality and performance to meet or exceed their customers' needs like striving for continuous improvement, taking good care of their customers, making use of a skilled and diverse workforce, and offering one of the best lodging services. Through implementing this quality management approach, Marriott International is able to maintain its success and continues to offer one of the most powerful portfolios in the industry.





The topic of total quality management presents itself as an important aspect in achieving and maintaining the success of a business or company, especially in the tourism industry.

Task: Create a presentation on at least THREE recognitions/awards Marriott International achieved throughout the years. 

Your goal is to convince and prove to your classmates that your chosen recognition/award is a result of the strategies and organizational activities Marriott International uses in implementing TQM.

The intent of this WebQuest is to help students understand the impact and importance of total quality management with regard to Marriott International's success.


Step 1

Get an overview of Marriott International

  • Learn about their Core Values and Heritage
  • How do they implement TQM?
  • What are the strategies and organizational activities they use to implement TQM?

Marriott International's Strategies:
Service Strategy 

  • The vision of Marriott hotels when it comes to service delivery is focused on customers and their satisfaction under the slogan “Spirit to serve the customer." Marriott’s philosophy is to serve their customers through their employees as they believe that if the employees are well treated and guided by the management, they will also take care of the customers. Aside from that, Marriott hotels communicate with their guests via feedback forms. In that way, the management can identify the areas where the hotel needs improvement, whether on service or staff. This can also be used to evaluate where the hotel’s management gets views from different guests who stay at their hotel about their services.                                                 

Marketing Strategy

  1.  Marriott creates user-generated content to capture millennials' attention. For example, Marriott decided to partner with Snapchat influencers to showcase Marriott’s new and luxurious properties inspired by a certain tv documentary called “Snapisodes,” although the video resembles an advertisement. The purpose of this is to reach large social communities such as Facebook or YouTube to bring awareness to the younger generation about Marriott’s brand.        
  2.  Bringing Social Media to life with M Live                                                                                                                           According to Arne Sorensen, President of Marriott International, on his blog, Marriott’s social media marketing strategy isn’t like most hotels. “What social media is allowing us to do is not draw attention to ourselves, but to see our guests in their spotlight." M Live was created to work as a command center to communicate and carefully monitor the guest's experiences by posting that they’re inside the hotel. This is to build loyalties and to heat the customers.              
  3. Marriott’s app creates loyal customers. The app was created to provide hassle-free check-in and check-out for the convenience of the guests. Marriott continuously wants to innovate for them to provide better services to make their guests’ experience memorable and fulfilling.

Visit their official website to learn more about them:  https://www.marriott.com/marriott/aboutmarriott.mi


Step 2

Understand the concept of Total Quality Management (TQM)

  • Define TQM
  • What are the basic principles of TQM?
  • What are the key elements of TQM?
  • What is the importance of TQM in the tourism and hospitality industry?
  • How does TQM affect the success of a company or business?

You may use the following sites to expand your knowledge on TQM: 
What is Total Quality Management, https://asq.org/quality-resources/total-quality-management
Total Quality Management, https://searchcio.techtarget.com/definition/Total-Quality-Management


Step 3

Examine the influence of TQM on Marriott International's  management

  • Study the prominence of TQM to Marriott International's management structure
  • Identify the significance of TQM to Marriott International with regards to providing quality services and products
  • Come up with a conclusion to how TQM can be linked to the success of Marriott International


You may use and interpret the table and additional information provided below as your reference.

Key Elements of TQM Marriott International's Core Values TQM of Marriott Hotels Implementation of TQM
Management Commitment Pursuing Excellence A committed and involved management "Our dedication to the customer shows in everything we do."
Employee Empowerment Putting People First Utilization of the entire workforce "Take care of associates, and they will take care of the customers."
Fact-based Decision Making Acting with Integrity   "How we do business is as important as the business we do."
Continuous Improvement Embracing Change Continuous Improvement "Innovation has always been part of Marriott's story."
Customer Focus Serving Our World, Putting People First Unwavering Focus on the Customer,

Treating Suppliers as 

"Marriott strives to be a force for good."


How Marriott International's Core Values implemented for TQM 

1. Pursuing Excellence

  • Marriott’s goal is to show its customers that they have outstanding customer service. They are very dedicated to their customers' needs and wants.
  • Customer satisfaction. Customers who are satisfied with the service will provide an extraordinary word-of-mouth recommendation, which means that the business will have a great source of income.
  • Marriott takes pride in every detail.
  • Everything they do is solely dedicated to the customers.

2. Putting people first

  • It is significant for Marriott International that employees of a company treat their employees as a family with respect because the company wouldn’t operate without them. Their secret to their success is giving equal opportunities to its people to grow for the company to be also successful.
  • Marriott provides extensive training to all area managers as soon as they are hired. The major reason for doing this is to ensure that the company's leaders are enlightened on how to offer quality services.

3. Acting with Integrity

  • Marriott is ensuring that all of them are committed and have equal human rights and social responsibility because what’s going on the inside will also go on the outside. That is why their hotels have always been one of the best high rating hotels in the world.

4. Embracing Change

  • Life and people are always changing; that is why the hotel industry has many challenges; Marriott hotels provide their customers with new experiences for them to keep coming back.
  • Although Marriott has been in the market for quite a long period, they have continually embraced the current total quality management systems to be in a position to handle the challenges during the tough economic periods.
  • Marriott is driven to continuously innovate and cope with the change to give new experiences, new brands, etc., to cater to the customer’s needs.

5. Serving our World

  • Marriott’s path is to make a positive and sustainable impact on businesses wherever they go.
  • They have the 2025 sustainability and social impact goals. This is their global responsibility and a unique opportunity to address some of the most critical challenges faced by our planet and its communities.


Step 4

Decide on the THREE recognitions/awards for your presentation

  • Search for the list of recognitions/awards Marriott International has received throughout the years
  • Look for the deciding factors as to why they were chosen for their recognition/award
  • Identify if the deciding factors have something to do with Marriott International's implementation of TQM
  • Explain how TQM has helped Marriott International achieve these recognitions/awards
  • Come up with a conclusion with how TQM has played a role in the success of Marriott International

You may use this site to look through the list of recognitions/awards Marriott International has received: https://news.marriott.com/awards-recognition


Step 5

Prepare your presentation

  • Input all the necessary information needed for your presentation
  • Make sure your presentation will not exceed 15 minute

Oral Presentation Scoring 


Excellent (4) Good (3) Adequate (2) Weak (1)


Oral presentations are expected to completely address the topic and requirements outlined in the assignment and are appropriate for the intended audience.

The presentation responds to the assignment and addresses the topic and all requirements at an appropriate technical level for the intended audience. The presentation responds to the assignment and addresses the topic but has minor weaknesses concerning some of the requirements and/or appropriate technical levels. The presentation responds to the assignment and addresses the topic but has significant weaknesses concerning some of the requirements and/or appropriate technical level. The presentation does not respond to many of the assignment's requirements and/or is poorly tailored for the intended audience.


Oral presentations are expected to provide an appropriate level of analysis, discussion, and evaluation as required by the assignment

The presented material is completely analyzed and evaluated, providing support for main points with reasons, discussion of alternatives, explanations, and examples as appropriate. The presented material is analyzed and evaluated, and appropriate reasons, discussion of alternatives, explanations, and examples are given for most of the main points.

The presented material is analyzed and evaluated at a reasonable level but is not used effectively to support many of the main points.

The depth of analysis and evaluation of the presented material is insufficient, and discussion contains unnecessary or trivial material.


Oral presentations are expected to be well-organized in overall structure, beginning with a clear statement of the problem and ending with a clear conclusion

The presentation is well-structured; its organization contributes to its purpose. The problem is clearly stated, and technical content is well ordered for clarity. The presentation is generally well-structured, with only a few flaws in the overall organization. The presentation has a defined structure, but the organization is not optimal for supporting the presentation’s content.

The presentation is poorly structured; organizational flaws undermine its effectiveness and clarity.


Presentations are expected to be stylistically effective – that is, to consist of visual aids with well-chosen words and graphics that complement the speaker and consistent with the presentation's time limit.

The visual aids (e.g., PowerPoint slides) are informative, well designed, easy to read, and complement the speaker’s content. In addition, the number of slides is consistent with the time limit of the presentation. The visual aids are informative and generally supportive of the presentation but could be improved to more effectively complement the speaker’s content. The visual aids are generally supportive of the presentation, but some are difficult to read, too busy, and/or not necessary for the intent of the talk. Visual aids are not designed to convey the information intended by the speaker effectively.

Presenters are expected to use an effective speaking style that exhibits enthusiasm, generates interest in the audience, and communicates the intended information.

Speaker is well prepared, establishes effective eye contact with the audience, speaks clearly and audibly, stays on topic, and finishes the presentation on time. Speaker is prepared and familiar with the content of the visual aids but may occasionally stray from a topic and/or have other deficiencies in speaking style. Speaker is reasonably prepared but tends to look at visual aids for prompting and cannot communicate all of the intended contents.

Speaker is not prepared and has to read from visual aids or cue cards, does not use voice or body language effectively to engage the audience in the topic.


Presentations are expected to draw appropriate conclusions and recommendations based on their content.

Key points are clearly re-stated at the end of the talk so that the audience clearly understands the purpose of the technical work. The presentation has a conclusion, but some of the key points are not highlighted effectively. The presentation has a brief conclusion but is not substantial in content. The presentation seems to end abruptly without any summation for the audience.




After all your research and presentation, you are now able to understand and identify the effectiveness of TQM on the success of a company or business, specifically Marriott International. 

Congratulations on a job well done!



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