Egyptian Revolution 2011


In 2011, Egyptians revolted against President Hosni Mubarak. In this webquest, you will explore who the protestors were and why they were revolting. You will also discover the timeline of events in Egypt from 2011-2013. You will then write a one paragraph response that explains who was protesting and why. Then, you will work with a parter to create a protest sign that could have been used in 2011. 


Research the topic by clicking on the different links and answering the various questions. Keep your notes in a Google Doc. Once you have compiled all of your information you will create your own protest sign against the Egyptian leaders. You will also write a 1 paragraph response that explains why the people were protesting in 2011. 


Answer the following questions on a Google Doc. Share the doc with the teacher. 

Define the term revolution. Why do people revolt?


Based on the video clip, What is happening in Egypt?, what began happening in Tahrir Square? Why? 


Watch social media clip. What is social media? How did it affect these events?


Read this short timeline to get an understanding of what happened. Choose 5 major events and add them to your notes. Name the different leaders of Egypt. 


After you take all of your notes, write a 1 paragraph response about who the protestors were and why they protested against Hosni Mubarak. 

Focus Correction Areas:

Topic Sentence - 20 points

Content - 60 points

Grammar: Complete Sentences - 20 points


Then, working with a partner, create a poster that could have been used at the protests in 2011. 


See rubric


At the end of the project, you should be familiar with the events in Egypt from 2011-2013.