Eleanor Roosevelt


“We do not have to become heroes overnight. Just a step at a time, meeting each thing that comes up, seeing it as not as dreadful as it appears, discovering that we have the strength to stare it down.”

Eleanor Roosevelt was an activist who was very vocal about her opinions. She stood up people who was very respected. What are ways she displayed good citizenship?

Eleanor Roosevelt - HISTORY



Students group together to create listicles from the brain pop video and virtual museum. The groups will consists of four people. They will use the information that they collected to create a poster to display for the class. The students need to explain why they believe Eleanor was a person who displayed good citizenship.




Step 1: Watch the video and create listicle.

Each person is responsible fro creating their own listicles.

Step 2:

As a group discuss the points on everyones listicle. Select 4 points from your listicle from every list to include on poster board. Ensure that nobody has the same points to write on the poster board.The poster board will be cut into fourths so everyone is responsible for their own portion.






8-6 C

6-0 F

4 2 0
Coverage on Topic 12-8 Details about topic There were 8-1 details about topic There were not any details on topic.
Use of Graphics Each section had pictures supporting information. 3-1 sections included pictures supporting information. There were not any images to support information.
Organization There are not any repeated details on any sections of the poster. There were a few details listed in more than more sections on the poster. Every section had the same details.
Layout and Design Posters fit well together and points are easy to see. Decorated poster to pop. Words are difficult to make out and the layout of the poster is out of order. Attempted to decorate the poster. Student did not attempt to decorate the poster and the points are not readable.
Presentation Every student explains their portion of the poster. At least 1 student presents their poster. Nobody wanted to present their work.



Students will present their posters to the class. The poster that is voted class favorite will be displayed outside the principals office on the "show off" board. 


Teacher Page

3 (9) Citizenship. The student understands characteristics of good citizenship as exemplified by historical and contemporary figures and organizations. The student is expected to:

    (A) identify characteristics of good citizenship, including truthfulness, justice, equality, respect for oneself and others, responsibility in daily life, and participation in government by educating oneself about the issues, respectfully holding public officials to their word, and voting;


Why was Eleanor Roosevelt considered a good citizen of the United States?