ELMIRA Research Quest


Practice Your New Research method in this simple WebQuest to test your research abilities and help us know which parts of the process you find easy and which we need to focus on more in class. Keep in mind this is a GRADE due By the beginning of class Monday so Try Your Best and Get It Done!


Use the Five Steps of the ELMIRA method we learned in class to answer the question: What player on the winning team of the First Ever Superbowl scored the most points for his team?


Step One: refine your topic using the following research questions

1. What teams played in the first Superbowl?

2. Which Team won?

3. How many points did that team score?

4. What was the point leaderboard for that team?

5. Who was at the top?

Step Two: Use your search strategies to find the answers to your research questions

Step Three: Rank Your Final sources by validity Think about who wrote the source and that persons qualifications

Step Four: Write down the answers to the questions and which source you found the answer at

Step 5: Use Easy Bib to create a works cited page for these sources


Grade Rubric: TOTAL 100 pts

5 pts for each of the five research questions and their answer on your paper 

20 Pts for having your ranked list complete 

10 pts for each citation (you can cite the same source multiple times if you found the answers to multiple questions on it) 

5 pts for completing the assignment legibly and neatly 


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