The EM-lantis Elections


Welcome to EM-lantis! The photocracy where all electromagnetic waves live together in piece. Every four light years, elections are held for the presidency. A member from each of the factions is put forward as a candidate. The factions are: radio, micro, infrared, visible, ultra violet, x-ray, gamma. 

You are a citizen of EM-lantis and have decided to use this webquest to decide who to vote for. 


Goal: Relate the properties of different types of radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum to their uses in everyday life, including communications technology.

You will have three main tasks:

1. Explore some webpages and videos about electromagnetic waves.

2. Complete an activity linking the 'campaigning platforms' to each type of EM radiation. 

3. Choose the EM radiation that you think is most important to humans, and write a paragraph (150-200 words) on why you think that type of EM radiation is most important, including examples. 


Your responses should be written in word or a google doc and submitted through the link in the Learning Management System. 


 Watch the following videos

An explanation of what exactly is electromagnetic radiation:

* Note that this video talks about how light is both a particle and a wave. At the moment we're just going to be talking about light as a wave, but it's good to be aware of the duality. If you're interested in the wave-particle duality a highly recommend looking more into it yourself.

Introduction to EM waves, their uses in everyday life and what makes each type of wave different from each other:

*If you get the time, watch the other videos in this series that go into each type of EM radiation in more depth.

A fun summary of the EM spectrum in song form:

Use this interactive to see how the wavelength, frequency and energy levels change as you move through the EM spectrum. Make sure to read the different uses for each type of radiation:

Play with this interactive an what you would see if you could see other parts of the EM spectrum:


Match the candidate

Read the following bios and match it to one of the types of EM radiation:

a. I'm a very low energy, easy going type of person. I believe in the power of communication, and want to link people of long distances with many different types of communication.

b. I'm like to study people, and often I can see right through them. I also like looking at faraway stars, especially when they have big supernova explosions.

c. I'm a fun person, usually hanging out in the outdoors getting a tan. I make sure everyone is happy and healthy by giving out Vitamin D, but if I'm around too much I can get nasty and start hurting people with burns and if I'm around too much I can get really nasty and give people cancer.

d. I'm a very warm person, and I spread my warmth to everyone around me. I often like to sit on the sofa changing channels. I'm also very good at seeing at night time.

e. I love cooking, and you'll often see me warming up water molecules to make food. I also pride myself on being able to send people a lot of information in a fast amount of time.

f. I have too much energy for people to handle. I hurt people almost as soon as I see them, so usually you'll just see me hanging around colliding neutron stars and solar flares.

g. I love to wear really colourful, rainbow colours. I'm out and about everyday where people can always see me. I also love to garden, and everyday I'm feeding all the plants. 


Who's the winning candidate?

Now that you have studied each type of EM radiation, it's time decide which is the most important to humans. Write a 150-200 paragraph on what you think is the most important type of EM radiation to humans. Explain why you think that and back up your example with specific examples. 


Write your answer on your device and submit them through the 'EM radiation webquest' link on the Learning Management System.

Excellent, high quality response that justifies their response with solid, creative arguments and detailed examples.  Good response that justifies the response with solid arguments and relevant example. Sound response that give justification for the response with examples. Response lacks a necessary aspect such as examples or a justification  Response does not answer the question.



Great job! The photocracy election is sure to be a close one, but now that you have done your research, you can be sure that your vote will be an informed one.


Made by Jonathon Leonard as part of the requirements for EDUC6775 assignment 4.

Teacher Page

Answers and sample response for question:

a. radio 

b. x-ray

c. UV

d. infrared

e. microwave

f. gamma

g. visible


Sample response to the last question:

Visible light is the most important part of the electromagnetic spectrum because it provides us with two of the most fundamental aspects of living: the ability to see, breath and eat. It gives us the ability to see simply because it is the only part of the spectrum that we can see with the naked eye. Every other part of the spectrum can only be seen through special technology. Furthermore it gives us the ability to breath and eat because it supplies plants with the energy for photosynthesis. Without that, we would not have enough oxygen for life and plants would not be able to grow to give us food an shelter. Other parts of the EM spectrum are also important, such as radio and micro waves giving us the ability to communicate remotely over long distance, however I believe these benefits do not exceed the benefits of visible light. Therefore I believe that visible light is the most important part of the EM spectrum for human survival.