Email Etiquette


Email etiquette is becoming increasingly important in our society today. With nearly everything being digital, being able to write an appropriate email using the proper form is a great way to communicate effectively. 

Who sends emails? Doctors, nurses, cooks, college professors, teachers, supervisors, firefighters, artists, football players, and even the president!



Complete this Webquest on email etiquette on your own. Answer the following set of questions and prepare to send an email to a teacher or a staff member in the school. 


Use the website to answer the set of questions in Google Classroom and prepare to write your email using proper etiquette. 

Each of you will have a different staff member you will write too. These will also be posted to Google Classroom. 

Most important-have fun researching!


This Webquest aligns with the technology standards. You will be assessed using the standards-based grading scale, 1-4, on these standards below: 

6.MTL.3 - I can perform grade-appropriate operations using technology to accomplish a goal.

6.RU.9 - I can determine and use appropriate digital etiquette for a variety of situations